Shanola Hampton sex scene in Shameless S08E07

actress : Shanola Hampton.
shows : Shameless.

Shanola Hampton sex scene in the latest episode is a funny one. V has discovered that she gets turned on by being dominated (being rather dominating in her everyday life). She used to get the best orgasms with Svetlana because of that so now Kev her husbands has decided to up his game and did some research on SM. He doesn’t want to get too far so every time he tries something like wearing spiky leather, she’s up for it in her undies, waiting to be spanked but it doesn’t go well. Finally at the end of the episode he is angry because she used fabric softener. She’s turned on and they have sex with him arguing about house chores while she comes slowly. Her boobs are swinging with every stroke and her whole body is shivering when she comes.

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