Shanola Hampton orgasm in Shameless S08E06

actress : Shanola Hampton.
shows : Shameless.

Shanola Hampton orgasm is so strong it’s called a spasm-gasm. Kev and Veronica let Svetlana back into their lives and into their bed. We can see the three of them having sex together. Kev is the only one out of the sheets and also the first to come, taking Shanola Hampton from behind while she’s making out with the other girl. The guy then sits on the bed and that’s when the real action starts. Isidora Goreshter gets down on Shanola Hampton under the sheets and we can see Shanola’s big boobs barely covered with star-shaped patsies. She’s ready to come but is not allowed yet. When she finally is, she has the biggest orgasm of her life and the guy is very jealous.

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