Rachel mcAdams & Meredith Ostrom, topless at the beach in My name is Tanino

actress : Meredith Ostrom, Rachel McAdams.
shows : Earth: Final Conflict, Keen Eddie, Sling And Arrows, The Famous Jett Jackson.
country : Canada, USA.
films : Boogie Woogie, Factory Girl, Love Actually.

in My Name is Tanino, Rachel McAdams (brunette) and Meredith Ostrom (blonde) are topless, sunbathing on a beach in Italy. They swim for a while and Rachel McAdams losts her ring which is fonud later by a young man. They are topless during the whole scene, including close-up shots when they are chatting. Rachel McAdams is a canadian actress born in 1978 and Meredith Olstrom is an american actress born in 1977.

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