Olivia Luccardi & Kayla Foster topless busted in The Deuce S01E07

actress : Kayla Foster, Olivia Luccardi.
shows : The Deuce.

Olivia Luccardi & Kayla Foster topless have been doing their usual scam once more. While a client is fucking Olivia, Kayla sneaks into the room and empty his wallet before joining the couple in bed for a sexy threesome. But this time the man has seen her and he is not happy about it. He is making a fuss in the motel and the clerk has to go to the room to settle the matter. Olivia and Kayla are topless, arguing that they haven’t done anything. But even Olivia’s sexy body can’t make them change their minds. The clerk points his finger at Kayla’s sexy panties, which hides her sex and their stash. She takes the money out and they’re both ashamed.

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