Morena Baccarin sex scene in Deadpool

actress : Morena Baccarin.
films : Deadpool.

A surprising Morena Baccarin sex scene in a big franchise like Deadpool. It’s nice to know that when a movie is rated R it’s not only for the language or gory scenes! The sex scene between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin shows the sexy brunette completely naked on top of her lover with her boobs visible taking her lover’s hands to cover them while her hips go back and forth on top of him. The scene lasts for a few minutes and shows the couple having sex in a lot of different ways including some quick s&m stuff. Apparently the actress revealed that they shot way more than what’s on screen but that she’s really happy that some of the stuff didn’t make the cut. We’ll never know what it could have been but let’s hope that Disney doesn’t ruin it with Deadpool 2.

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