Maggie Gyllenhaal masturbates after sex in The Deuce S01E05

actress : Maggie Gyllenhaal.
shows : The Deuce.

Maggie Gyllenhaal masturbates in a very intimate scene in the Deuce S01E05. The couple is having sex with the man on top. We can see Maggie’s boobs already at that time and she’s moaning with him. The man comes loudly and gets off her lover, laying down next to her.
Maggie’s character is a bit frustrated. He did not wait for her to come too so she wants more. She suggests going at it again when he asks her if she did indeed come. She climbs on him ready to grab his dick but he is not ready so she turns back on her side of the bed and has an idea.
She slips her finger under the blanket and start touching herself. The man is surprised but slightly aroused at the same time he doesn’t intervene and she masturbates herself for a while before coming nicely with a smile on her face.

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