Louisa Krause sex scene in The Girlfriend Experience S02E07

actress : Louisa Krause.
shows : The Girlfriend Experience.

Louisa Krause sex scene in the Girlfriend Experience S02E07. That show knows how to show sex on screen and Louisa Krause has already shown most of her body in the previous episodes (including an explicit blowjob). This time she is “just” having sex with a man. As they’re making out on the couch, she says to him “I want you inside of me” and they move the party to the bed with the man on top. We can see Louisa naked and her erected nipples as the man penetrates her. He’s a bit put off by her removing his condom to feel his dick but she guides him well. The guy is just unaware of one thing. She’s trying to get pregnant with his semen.

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