Louisa Krause & Anna Friel lesbian sex scene in The Girlfriend Experience S02E03

actress : Anna Friel, Louisa Krause.
shows : The Girlfriend Experience.

This is one of the best scenes from the second series of The Girlfriend Experience. Louisa Krause and Anna Friel lesbian sex scene takes place as the couple goes to bed. This is their first time together and they learn how to make love together. The whole scene is shot from the side of the bed and feel very realistic. Louisa Krause takes off her bra and shows her tits. They lay next to each other completely nude and Louisa turns over to make out with Anna Friel. She strokes her boobs and Anna moans slowly. She then lick her nipples and slides her hand between Anna Friel’s legs. Anna smiles and Louisa goes down between her legs, licking her clitoris while Anna moans slowly until she comes.

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