Lizzy Caplan, ultra sexy on new leaked photos

actress : Lizzy Caplan.
shows : 30 Rock, High Maintenance, Masters of Sex, Wiener & Wiener.
country : USA.
films : All Wifed Out, Cloverfield, Darkroom.


Lizzy Caplan has been dominating the nude scene for a while thanks to Showtime’s Masters of Sex, even though the second season was a bit more prude than the first one (and way more twisted). She was also the victim of the (not so) recent global leaking of celeb photos released online in autumn 2014. No surprise, she is completely gorgeous in intimacy. Funny enough, Lizzy’s first reaction on Twitter when she heard of the story was : “Thank you Apple.” Apple has stated afterwards that no breach had been found in their iCloud systems and that the passwords had been found, not leaked.

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