Lena Headey, nude walk of shame, Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale

actress : Lena Headey.
shows : Ballykissangel, Band Of Gold, Game Of Thrones, How We Used To Live, Merlin, Screen Two, Soldier Soldier, Spender, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Long Firm, White Collar.
country : Uk.
films : Aberdeen, Fair Game, Waterland.

If you haven’t watched the amazing Game of Thrones Season 3 finale yet, don’t read further! Today’s scene is Cersei Lannister’s epic walk of shame. The scene took 3 days to shoot last October, which means for Lena Headey 3 days walking completely naked among strangers shouting hate words to her face. The actress delivered an amazing performance juggling between confined pain and still a bit of honour as she walks without crying or falling.
Lena Headey said “It’s not hard when people are screaming at you and you look like shit and you’re being f–king humiliated to figure out how that would feel. There’s a part of you that’s f–king terrified. I can’t even imagine people wanting your blood. Cersei has done wrong, but she doesn’t really deserve this.” (source) And this is how good she is and how well this show is written. Cersei is the worst person you can find but you can’t help and feel for her anyway.
[update]There is a bit of a scandal right now because they used Lena Headey’s face and pasted it on a body double using approximative CGI. Thanks Yabu for pointing that out! The result is not perfect but the scene worked very well anyway.[/update]

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