Laura Gómez, wild sex scene in Orange Is The New Black S04E09

actress : Laura Gomez.
shows : Orange Is The New Black.

It is the first time we can feature Laura Gómez nude on screen. In Orange Is The New Black, Laura portrays Blanca, a wild Dominican inmate with a mono-brow and not so keen on personal hygiene. Flashbacks tells us a bit more about her story, when she was a carer for an old white rich lady. She used to be very neat and polite and devoted to her job and that old lady was mistreating her. Blanca decides to get vengeance on her firing the sexy gardener she fancied and brings him back one night. The old lady is woken up by the noise they make having wild sex right in her bedroom. Blanca watches her and laughs as she comes, completely nude on the guy with her tits bouncing around. Twisted!

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