Kristin Lehman full frontal in Altered Carbon S01E02

actress : Kristin Lehman.
shows : Altered Carbon.

A 80s erotica saxophone is doing a solo in the background and Kristin Lehman lets her robe slide to the ground, revealing her bouncy ass while the guy facing her gets the full picture. He is amazed by her beauty. The camera then goes back to her feet in stilettos and goes up slowly showing up her legs first, then her shaved pubes, her belly and her boobs, giving us Kristin Lehman full frontal before she kisses him and asks him to give up and take her. The image is distorted as if the guy had been drugged and was unable to resist her beautiful naked body. He lifts her and pushes her to the wall. They fuck standing up, then go to the bed and we can see more of Kristin Lehman’s tits.

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