Kate Morgan Chadwick (?), brief sex scene and full frontal in Shameless S05E12

actress : Kate Morgan Chadwick.
shows : Happy Endings, Major Cimes, Shameless, Shameless US, Whatever.
country : USA.
films : Bump, Imprints.

We’re not really sure that is Kate Morgan Chadwick but it looks a lot like her (and she is credited in that episode), let us know what you think! Kate Morgan Chadwick is an american actress, at ease on stage and on screen. Her Resume includes performances in Mamma Mia at Las Vegas, as well as guest roles in Happy Endings, Whatever and Major Crimes. In Shameless, she is a rebound girl to give Mickey some pleasure while his boyfriend is gone awol. It doesn’t seem to be a good idea for a gay man to try to forget your lover in the arms (not exactly the arms in that scene) of a woman. Morgan is seen naked on the bed while they’re having sex doggy style, then waiting at the door, fully naked.

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