Julianne Moore, naked love scene in the End of the Affair with Ralph Fiennes

actress : Julianne Moore.
shows : 30 Rock, As The World Turns, Big Love, The Edge Of Night, Veronica Mars, Wildfire.
country : USA.
films : Boogie Nights, Children Of Men, Chloe, Les Miserables, Lovelace, Magnolia, Mamma Mia!, The Big Lebowski, The End of the Affair, The Hours, The Kids Are All Right.


The film received a strong censorship on its release in 2000, due to numerous sex scenes involving naked Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes. The english Board asked for a 18 certificate and the official reason was “Ralph Fiennes’ bottom was pumping too many times”. That’s it kids, you can see fake lame erotica under 18, but not a proper film with feelings and a story if you see the male protagonnist’s butt too many times. Julianne Moore is brilliant in it though, and nude as well.

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