Juliana Schalch nude love scene in O Negocio

actress : Juliana Schalch.
shows : O Negocio.

Another sexy scene today with Juliana Schalch nude love scene in O Negocio. The sexy blonde is making out intensely with a guy. She takes off his shirt and he does the same with hers, kissing her small tits through her bra. She is now completely naked and she sits on him, exposing her butt and a small tattoo on her left cheek. They’re going at it now and if you’re quick you can actually get a shot of Juliana pubic hair right above her clitoris. See the photo below. You can also see her tits going up and down with her lover’s strokes while he’s holding her hair. They lay down with him on top and once again we can see Juliana naked with her tits visible.

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