Juliana Schalch & Aline Jones striptease in O Negocio S03E04

actress : Aline Jones, Juliana Schalch.
shows : O Negocio.

Juliana Schalch offers with Aline Jones Striptease a lesson on how to be sexy and reveal your body without showing too much. Juliana starts in bra and skirt, then slowly unbuttons her skirt, revealing a lovely black lingerie thong. She shakes her hips, then opens her bra at the front, dropping it on the floor as the camera goes down again to focus on her ass. She holds her boobs and drops the bra on the floor but when the camera goes back to her tits, Juliana turned into Aline Jones, gently stroking her leg from her foot to her waist, showing a beautiful bouncy butt in a black thong.

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