Izia Higelin & Cecile De France topless lesbian love in La belle saison

actress : Cecile de France, Izia Higelin.
films : La Belle Saison.

This is the first love scene between Izia Higelin and Cecile de France topless in a hot flat in Paris. This is Delphine and Carole’s first intimate scene in Carole’s flat. We can see Izia’s hands on Cecile’s tits. She then opens up her shirt and Cecile’s small tits are exposed in close up. Izia’s next. Cecile goes behind her and unbuttoned her shirt, then removes slowly her bra. This is the first time for her with another woman but she is really into it. When both of them are topless they move to the bed, making out intensely while removing the rest of their clothes.

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