Ivana Milicevic, hot sex scene in Banshee S03E01

actress : Ivana Milicevic.
shows : 12 Miles Of Bad Road, Banshee, Charlie's Angels, Charmed, Fallen, Hawaii Five-0, Love Monkey, One on One, Psych, The Army Show, The Mind of the Married Man, Ugly Betty, Vegas.
country : Bosnia and Herzegovina.
films : Casino Royale, Juste Like Heaven, Running Scared, Vanilla Sky.

Ivana Milicevic explained in an interview that she really loved the way the show was written. When it all started 3 years ago, it was the writer’s first story and the director’s first series. They were a small team driven by an intriguing story they were all passionate about. Over the years the characters have evolved a lot and now for the opening scene of the new season we can see Carrie Hopewell (or is it Anastasia?) having sex, naked on a bed.

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