female cast nude in Gas Pump Girls (1979)

actress : Kirsten Baker, Linda Lawrence, Rikki Marin, Sandy Johnson.
films : Gas Pump Girls.

Gas Pump Girls is a groovy comedy from the late 70s and as such the film starts almost straight away with a scene featuring the whole female cast nude! The girls are graduating and standing on a stage in their robes, listening to boring speeches made by the dean. They’re yawning and hoping for it to end soon, unaware that a guy is nailing their robes to the floorboard. When he pushes them one by one, their robes split up and the girls end up topless on stage. First comes Sandy Johnson, at ease with her nude body, then Kristen Baker for her sole nude scene of the film, trying to cover her tits while the crowd cheers and laughs. Linda Lawrence and Rikki Marin come next and almost manage to not show much. The curtain closes and Sandy Johnson tries to stay as long as she can on stage to show her boobs to the audience.

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