Extensive Carla Zanini sex scene in O Negocio 03E08

actress : Carla Zanini.
shows : O Negocio.

Carla Zanini sex scene in O Negocio starts with a blowjob. We can’t see the guy’s dick and her hair cover her face but she’s going at it anyway and the camera drifts slowly along her back to show her butt in close up. She’s then standing up against a table and he is taking her from behind. We can’t see her pussy because of a champagne bucket but her boobs are visible. According to her face she’s having the sex of her life. Next shot show the couple from another angle with a focus on their asses. They move again and are now facing each other for the big ending. Her tits are going up and down frantically as they come together. They spend then a bit of time in bed and Carla’s tits are visible with great lighting.

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