Emilia Clarke, completely nude in the flames, in Game Of Thrones S0604

actress : Emilia Clarke.
shows : Game Of Thrones.

It’d been a while since the last nude scene in Game of Thrones for Emilia Clarke. We thought she was done and even earlier this season, when she was stripped from her clothes, the camera didn’t show anything. Now we know that they just wanted to give the maximum impact to today’s big scene, in which Emilia Clarke, The Unburnt, comes out a of a burning temple, completely naked and beautiful. CGI is obvious, but her body shines in the light of the flames and she can be seen topless a few times, closer and closer. The crowd bows, amazed, and the Mother of the Dragons is once more on top of the world. On the last shot, she slowly watches from right to left her servants and her eyes meet ours in a dreadful, yet wonderful moment.

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