Catrinel Menghia nude for Schön! Magazine

actress : Catrinel Menghia.
magazine : Schön! Magazine.
photographers : Sabine Liewald.

Catrinel Menghia nude is shot by talented photographer Sabine Liewald for german magazine Schön! The Romanian model is shot in black and white on a white background and her tanned skin makes an impressive contrast with the white surface, her body linked to the material only by her shadow. On the first pic she can be seen from the back with her legs wide open but we only get a side boob, then from the left side we get a bit more and can appreciate her full nude body. She is doing kind of pushups in the third one with her ass clearly exposed and finally her full nude body can be seen on the last one as she seems to enjoy the sunlight falling on her beautiful figure.

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