Carice Van Houten, completely naked in Game Of Thrones S06E01

actress : Carice Van Houten.
shows : Game Of Thrones.

At last! Game of Thrones is back! That first episode tells a lot of different stories and you’ll need a few minutes to be back in track (previously on GOT would have been nice to be honest), but already things are happening from Winterfell to the wall, to distant countries all around. In that scene, Melisandre, portrayed by curvy Carice Van Houten, gets ready to go to bed, and as one can expect, gets completely nude in front of a rustic mirror. I’m being cheeky here, there is a reason for her nudity, but you’ll have to see the show to get it. Glad to see the show back and Melisandre beautiful boobs and butt.

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