Camilla Luddington, naked in the bathroom, in Californication S05E07

actress : Camilla Luddington.
shows : Californication.

Camilla Luddington is Lizzie, a babysitter, who just got fired for swimming completely naked in her boss pool, and who is trying to get comfort from Charlie. She told him her story, describing her nude wet body in the sun, and he was already excited but when he comes back after running errands, the girl is completely naked in the bathroom. She tries to cover up her body but you can see her ass in the mirror. She says she’s sorry to startle him but he’s delighted.
In the next scene she tells him she’s been effectively fired so they can hang out together. He gives her a little kiss and she drops her towel, showing her perky tits and smiling. Best episode of the show?

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