Anna Friel, topless in a bathtub in Watermelon

actress : Anna Friel.
shows : Come Fly With Me, Emmerdale, Our Mutual Friends, Public Ennemies, Pushing Daisies, Tales From The Crypt, The Street.
country : Uk.
films : Land of the Lost, Limitless, London Boulevard.

Watermelon is an irish television film from 2003, based on the novel Watermelon by Marian Keyes. Anna Friel portrays a young girl who loses her boyfriend on the day she gives birth to her baby. She goes back to her (strange) family to get better. In that scene Anna Friel is completely nude in a bathtub, even though we can see only her breasts. She is daydreaming and fights with a man in the bathtub, topless.

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