Anna Friel, naked again in a bathtub, in The Look of Love

actress : Anna Friel.
shows : Come Fly With Me, Emmerdale, Our Mutual Friends, Public Ennemies, Pushing Daisies, Tales From The Crypt, The Street.
country : Uk.
films : Land of the Lost, Limitless, London Boulevard, The Look of Love.


In the Look of Love Anna Friel is Jean Raymond, Soho Impresario Paul Raymond’s wife in Michael WInterbottom’s steaming film The Lookf of Love. When asked how she managed the naked scenes (including one on a tiger skin, not portrayed here) she said she got used to it because she was surrounded everyday by big tits, so she let it go and tried no to be self-conscious otherwise it doesn’t work. This wasn’t her first film with naked scenes either.

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