Ana de Armas full nude in Blade Runner 2049

actress : Ana de Armas.
films : Blade Runner 2049.

Ana de Armas full nude as Joy, the virtual girl of your dreams. This woman is a perfect fantasy. She is sexy as hell, has a perfect body and a very very sweet smile. In that scene, she is a gigantic 3D naked pink hologram in the sky, visible only to the main character as he drives by. We can see her bum as she turns to follow the car. A bit later, as he’s walking on a platform, a gigantic naked Ana de Armas comes closer to him, showing her boobs, trying to make him buy the stuff. He was in love with that girl and is trying to resist so she turns around a bit and shows her butt and her boobs to him repeating him that she can be everything he wants, the perfect sexual virtual fantasy.

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