Aline Jones & Michelle Batista lesbian nude scene in O Negocio S0E306

actress : Aline Jones, Michelle Batista.
shows : O Negocio.

Aline Jones & Michelle Batista lesbian escort girls show a man how it’s done. The guy is watching from a computer the two girls get on each other and make out vigorously. Aline’s dress is the first to go, revealing her butt. Michelle is now completely naked and Aline Jones is kissing and stroking her nice boobs, sticking her tongue out to lick her nipple. Aline goes down and Michelle takes off her panties before sticking her head between Aline’s legs to give her oral sex, grabbing her boobs as Aline moans with pleasure, her nipples erect. She opens her eyes again and smiles to the laptop. The guy on the other side can’t believe his eyes.

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