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I know what you think. This scene is so classic it’s almost fake. It seems extracted from an 80s vhs film with a wrong title that would circulate [...]
Justine Joli, sex scene in Life On Top S01E07
In this film from 1988, Sophie Marceau is a student, very serious and dedicated to her studies, until she meets a jazz player who flirts with her [...]
Sophie Marceau, full nude scenes in The Student
Here is another sexy scene with Bojana Novakovic from 2011 drama Burning Man, directed and written by Jonathan Teplitzky, telling the story of a chef who [...]
Bojana Novakovic, topless sex scene in Burning Man
Following last week’s sequence with 2 hot topless blonde girls trying to lure in Hank into bed, they left with two other guys instead to have sex. [...]
Megan Stevenson, nude sex scene with a monkey in a Californication S04E04
Michelle Borth’s character Jaime struggles in her relationships with men. This time again, they make out on the couch, she gets topless and [...]
Michelle Borth, sex scene in Tell Me You Love Me S01E05
That scene is very similar to this one in Banshee S04E01. In both scene, Casey Labow’s character Maggie Bunker is having sex with her lover in their [...]
Casey LaBow, sex scene with her lover, in Banshee S04E03
Briana Marin has a small part in the Leftovers S01E09 as the hottie with whom the main character is cheating on his wife. She shows up in the middle of the [...]
Briana Marin, nude love scene in The Leftovers S01E09
Flaked is the new comedy show produced by Netflix, starring Will Harnett (Arrested Development). The show follows Harnett, a self-declared Guru living in [...]
Lina Esco, sex scene in Flaked Premiere S01E01
Tokyo Refugees tells the story of a student who loses everything and becomes homeless in Tokyo (hence the title). He decides to become a gigolo to survive [...]
Chihiro Ohtsuka, sex scene in Tokyo Refugees
You can easily imagine from that scene that Ruth Wilson’s character Alison is not getting a lot of genuine pleasure. They’re both locked in a [...]
Ruth Wilson, sex scene in The Affair S02E01
Camille Chen is a delicious actress. In that scene her character is having sex with Charlie Runkle and it’s not going well (as usual). She gives him [...]
Camille Chen, multiple sex positions in Californication S04E03
Oh My God, They Killed Lilly! I won’t say more than this but this opening episode of Cinemax Banshee’s Season 4 has been quite painful. [...]
Casey LaBow, sex scene in Banshee S04E01