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Sally Golan’s first sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

Sally Golan is a canadian actress born in 1985. She started performing at 5 and has been trained at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto in acting, dancing, and singing. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first recurring role on television.

Tatiana Maslany, naked in Orphan Black S01E01

Tatiana Maslany is a canadian actress, born in Saskatchewan, Canada. She started acting in College and became famous for her improv skills. She even took part in the Canadian Improv Games. Even though she is been in the game for years with several second roles, Orphan Black gave her the most attention, playing the lead […]

Cristina Brondo, nude in Between your legs

Cristina Brondo is a hot spanish actress born in 1977 in Barcelona. She started at 14 in adverts and moved on to Television with Poble Nou, TV3 Drama, which gave her a lot of attention at the time. Her new film is called “Perdona si te llamo amor” (Sorry if I call you love), a […]

Rebecca Blumhagen, sex scene in The Girls’ Guide to Depravity S01E01

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is one more very sexy drama series from Cinemax. The screenplay is based on Heather Rutman’s popular book and blog of the same name. The first season was almost Rebecca Blumhagen’s acting debut but she is now involved in several productions and has co-written the second series too.

Vanessa Burns and Rebeka Coles-Budrys, lesbian scene in Silent But Deadly

Vanessa Burns and Rebeka Coles-Budrys are lovely in that scene taken from the 2011 comedy slasher Silent but Deadly, directed by Stephen Scott. Sadly the film did not receive the expected attention. It reached a score of 4 on imdb. Still it has some potential as seen in those pictures of lesbian sex scenes between […]

Jessica Paré, Mad Men, topless sex scene in Hot Tub Time Machine

Jessica Paré is a beautiful and busty candian actress, famous for her role as Mrs. Draper in the series Mad Men. But for some people she will always remain that steamy topless hot groupie in Hot Tub Time Machine. She remembers the scene and says that she’s okay with it. “Tits can be funny!”. Craig […]

Lisa Pawson, sex scene in Forbidden Science S01E02

Lisa Pawson is not exactly a famous actress. She has never been credited for anything but Forbidden Science. Forbidden Science is a canadian serie blending noir, scifi and erotica. The stories are based on the idea that in a near future we could be able to create androids and impregnate them with the memories of […]

Penelope Cruz, naked in Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos)

Penelope Cruz is a very famous spanish actress born in 1974. She started as a classically trained ballet dancer and then moved to acting at 15. Her career include a lot of nude scenes in the early movies, many of theme directed by Pedro Almodovar. This one is from Pedro Almodovar too from 2009 and […]

Meg Barrick, sex scene in the Girls’ Guide to Depravity S02E02

Meg Barrick is an american actress from West Virginia. She moved to New York after high school to be a model and realised she wanted to be an actress during acting auditions. She then studied acting in West Village for a couple of years then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting studies and […]

Lizzy Caplan, double sex scene in Masters of Sex S01E07

This episode is the best of the season regarding sexy scenes with a double sex scene from Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen. Season 2 will start on 13th July and we can’t wait to see what will happen. Apparently the writers struggled a bit to prepare everything with less time than usual but hopefully this […]

Samira Wiley and Nina Rausch, lesbian sex scene in Orange is the New Black S02E06

Nina Rausch is a german actress, with a pretty long resume on tv, including leading roles in They live among us, easy to assemble and the sandglass. Samira Wiley is an american actress who studied acting in New York and worked mainly in stage productions at first before she got a role in 2011 comedy […]

Kimiko Glenn, torrid sex scene in Orange is the New Black S02E04

Kimiko Glenn is an american actress born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. She started on stage at 10 and got into acting. She was cast while being a student for the 1st national Tour of Spring Awakening which lasted 2 years. She then moved to New York. Her work features a lot of theatre, and […]