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Tessa Harnetiaux, sex scene in The Girls Guide To Depravity S02E02

That scene is quite funny, if you compare it with the Suicide Girls phenomenon. Tessa Harnetiaux is an american actress who moved to NY to study acting in 2013. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first regular role on TV. What a starter! In that particular scene Tessa covers her body with fake tattoos […]

Anne Hathaway, sexy scene in Brokeback mountain gifset

Anne Hathaway is an american actress born in 1982 in Brooklyn, NY. She started her career with Get Real and then went big in 2001 with The Princess Diaries. She then realised she did not want to be cast as a “family friendly” actress and got on with harder films, including topless scenes, such as […]

Brooke Pascoe, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E03

Brooke Pascoe is an australian actress, model and dancer. She had already been acting as a child for a while but she started her adult career as a model and dancer. She spent 5 years at the famous “Moulin Rouge” in Paris and became lead dancer. She then went back to acting, took classes and […]

Caitlin FitzGerald, naked at last in Masters of Sex S02E11

Caitlin FitzGerald is an american actress born in Maine, USA. In Masters of Sex, she is Libby Masters, the lonely sad wife, conservative wife, trying to cope with her non-existent husband who is studying sex and having a gigantic affair with his colleague. She is now taking a few steps aside from her path and […]

Margaret Keane Williams, nude in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E04

Margaret Keane Williams is an american actress. She bares the same name as the painter Margaret Keane (that might explain the use of a second name after that). She is also a writer and is credited as a writer and executive producer for Wet Behind the Ears, her most famous role. In that scene, she […]

Krista Ayne, having sex in a cinema in Life On Top S01E02

Krista Ayne is an actress and model, born in New York in 1982. She started modelling at 19 and got at least 13 magazine covers, as well as Playboy and Penthouse. She shot music videos for 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and countless others. On television her main work has been on Cinemax’s Life […]

Sally Golan, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E03

Sally Golan is a hot canadian actress as you can see in that scene from The Girl’s Guide to Depravity, Episode 3 of series 1, in which this steamy sex scene takes place, with Lizzie, topless, on top of her lover. That scene was so exctatic that most of the caps are a little blurry!

Krista Ayne’s sexy first naked scene in Life On Top S01E01

Krista Ayne’s character in Life On Top is Maya, the sporty one. She is the main character Sophie’s (played by Mary LeGault) best friend and moved to New York City to follow her. She develops an interest for kickboxing, or kickboxers and trains a lot. Completely nude.

Susannah Allman, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S02E05

Susannah Allman is a british actress working in London. She is more a stage actress than a screen actress so you might have seen her live in Grease or Dreamcoats and Petticoats. She also was a High Street Honey finalist in 2006 for FHM.

Mary LeGault, sex scene in Life On Top S01E01

Mary LeGault is an american actress born in 1987 in Calfornia. She describes herself as an actor, model, action performer, photographer and humanitarian. Life on Top was shot in 2009 and she doesn’t seeom to do anymore erotica nowadays.

Sally Golan’s first sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

Sally Golan is a canadian actress born in 1985. She started performing at 5 and has been trained at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto in acting, dancing, and singing. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first recurring role on television.

Tatiana Maslany, naked in Orphan Black S01E01

Tatiana Maslany is a canadian actress, born in Saskatchewan, Canada. She started acting in College and became famous for her improv skills. She even took part in the Canadian Improv Games. Even though she is been in the game for years with several second roles, Orphan Black gave her the most attention, playing the lead […]