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Alyse Zwick, nude in bed with a wrestler in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E05

Alyse Zwick’s role in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity did not last long but you could not miss it. Alyse was elected miss New York in 2009 and took part in the competition for Miss America (as seen in Miss America, the documentary from 2010). She gratuated in Theatre in Ohio and in Communication and […]

Heather Vandeven mixes sex and food in Life On Top S01E05

Here is one more sexy scene involving Heather Vandeven and her lover, playing with food and making love. Heather Vandeven is your typical erotica actress from the 90s with gigantic fake breasts. We’re wondering though how sexy that is in 2014. It seems that the whole genre has kind of given up on the big […]

Mary LeGault’s sexy fantasy in Life on Top S01E03

In that weird opening scene from Cinemax’s Life on Top episode 3 season 1, Sophie (Mary LeGault) is having a weird fantasy in which she’s having sex with a co-worker in front of the whole office team. It takes to the audience a few minutes to understand this is not really happening. The scene seems […]

Rebecca Blumhagen & Riley Steele, sex war in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E05

This is part 2 of the sex war between Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen, the petite brunette) and Kaylie (Riley Steele, the busty blonde). What do you do when your neighbor is having loud sex every night, well you counter attack of course! This time Sam doesn’t need a Dildo but it looks like all her screams […]

Rebecca Blumhagen & Riley Steele, double sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E04

Engaged in a tacit sex fight, Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen), the brunette petite and Kaylie (Riley Steele), the busty blonde, fight for the loudest orgasm of the neighbourhood. When Rebecca realizes she could use a little help, she graps her dildo and becomes really loud. Everybody’s screaming over their heads, until the dildo batteries run out […]

Natasha Henstridge, nude and sexy in Species

Natasha Henstridge started her career with her biggest hit with Species at 19. The film became a classic, including the cult kiss scene in which she empaled her partner with her tongue. After that she kept on with the franchise with Species 2, then Species 3, both with poor box office results and critic reviews. […]

Kate Bosworth, topless sex scene in Big Sur

Kate Bosworth is an american actress born in 1983 in L.A., California. She was a champion equestrian and that was her winning ticket to become an actress when she got the part of Scarlett Johansson‘s best friend in Robert Redford’s the Horse Whiseperer at 14. After that she managed to maintain a normal life and […]

Rebecca Blumhagen, first sex scene on screen in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity, named after the book and blog, is described by the show’s producer as a “Female buddy comedy”. It’s a good way to describe how Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen) and Lizzie (Sally Golan) set up rule to have fun in their relationships and avoid getting hurt. The show is also full of […]

Marine Vacth, sex scenes in Young & Beautiful

Marine Vacth is a young french actress, born in Paris in 1991. She started as a model, after being cast in a shop in Paris at 14 and moved on to acting the same way, without really asking for it but it happens anyway. She says nudity is a costume too, and we sure love […]

Tessa Harnetiaux, sex scene in The Girls Guide To Depravity S02E02

That scene is quite funny, if you compare it with the Suicide Girls phenomenon. Tessa Harnetiaux is an american actress who moved to NY to study acting in 2013. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first regular role on TV. What a starter! In that particular scene Tessa covers her body with fake tattoos […]

Anne Hathaway, sexy scene in Brokeback mountain gifset

Anne Hathaway is an american actress born in 1982 in Brooklyn, NY. She started her career with Get Real and then went big in 2001 with The Princess Diaries. She then realised she did not want to be cast as a “family friendly” actress and got on with harder films, including topless scenes, such as […]

Brooke Pascoe, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E03

Brooke Pascoe is an australian actress, model and dancer. She had already been acting as a child for a while but she started her adult career as a model and dancer. She spent 5 years at the famous “Moulin Rouge” in Paris and became lead dancer. She then went back to acting, took classes and […]