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Tanya Clarke, topless sex scene in Banshee S03E06

Banshee’s season finale is planned for the friday 13th (brr) march, in just one week. Lots of things happened that season and Tanya Clarke as Emily made a name for herself in the show this year. Her complex relationships with ex-husband deputy Brock Lotus (brilliant Matt Servitto) and this sex scene with Kai Proctor (Ulrich […]

Rebecca Ferguson, nude love scenes in The White Queen S01E03 & S01E05

Rebecca Ferguson is starring in the White Queen, a british drama produced by the BBC in 2013. The series is based on the book written by Philippa Gregory and is set during the War of the Roses and the fight for the throne in England in the XVth century. Even though the show has been […]

Tanya Clarke, topless sex scene in Banshee S03E01

Tanya Clarke is an american actress born in Chicago in 1972. Over the years Tanya has built a solid career on stage in Broadway and off-Broadway but also on tv and in films such as A Beautiful Mind of Repo Men. In the third season of Banshee she is Emily, the hospice nurse, ex-wife to […]

Hannah New, upskirt sex scene in Black Sails S01E03 HD

In Black Sails, Hannah New portrays Eleanor Guthrie, which is the equivalent of a local governor of the little island. She has to handle a lot of situations and it’s not always easy as a woman. One thing she handles quite well is her sexuality. She enjoys relations with both males and females and everything […]

Ivana Milicevic, hot sex scene in Banshee S03E01

Ivana Milicevic explained in an interview that she really loved the way the show was written. When it all started 3 years ago, it was the writer’s first story and the director’s first series. They were a small team driven by an intriguing story they were all passionate about. Over the years the characters have […]

Lise Slabber, completely naked in Black Sails S02E01

Starz’s Black Sails Season 2 has started! And the first episode offers Lise Slabber in an intense albeit short scene, making love to a pirate. We can see her completely naked from back and front. Lise Slabber is an actress, living in Cape Town, South Africa and describing herself on her Twitter account as a […]

Emma Greenwell, topless sex scene in Shameless S05E03

Emma Greenwell is an american actress, known for her role in Shamless as Mandy Milkovitch. It was the first role she landed when she moved to LA to become an actress. It’s been 5 years already and the show is still going crazy. Emma was born in the USA but grew up and studied acting […]

Rebecca Blumhagen breaks it all during sex in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E08

In that short sequence from Cinemax The Girl’s guide to Depravity S01E08 you can see Rebecca Blumhagen having sex on a couch. She is topless and you can see her body as she is planning a trick on her lover. She is faking her love for him and is really funny.

Tiffany Limos, naked in Larry Clarck’s Ken Park

Tiffany Limos is an american actress, born in Texas in 1980. Her ethnical background is complex, mixing filipina, spanish, hawaiian, french, african and chinese roots. She started her career as a model at 16. She then became a creative consultant for magazines and made her debut on screen in 2002 Teenage Caveman directed by Larry […]

Riley Steele’s Matrix sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E07

Riley Steele is an american pornographic actress. In the scene we present you today Cinemax went back in time to show you a 1999 Matrix inspired sex scene, involving a fake Keanu Reeves with more biceps and Riley Steele to take the place of Carrie-Anne Moss, only blonde and with fake boobs. The result is […]

Krista Ayne, lovely and sexy in Life On Top S01E04

Krista Ayne’s character Maya just moved to New York City to follow her best friend Sophie (portrayed by Mary LeGault). She’s the sporty type, discovers kickboxing and trains a lot, which means a lot of sexy training with her coach. In that particular scene she is tied during sex for more pleasure.

Rebecca Blumhagen’s sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E07

Rebecca Blumhagen describes herself as an actor/Video Director. She is really sexy in that video, but if you were thinking about dating her, you’re too late, Rebecca Blumhagen got married on the 12th October! She is also involved a lot with real life game Ingress and shares her life between New York and Los Angeles.