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Kate Morgan Chadwick (?), brief sex scene and full frontal in Shameless S05E12

We’re not really sure that is Kate Morgan Chadwick but it looks a lot like her (and she is credited in that episode), let us know what you think! Kate Morgan Chadwick is an american actress, at ease on stage and on screen. Her Resume includes performances in Mamma Mia at Las Vegas, as well […]

Emmy Rossum, wild sex scene in Shameless S05E12 season Finale HD

Shameless’ fifth season was quite a ride. The characters are slowly evolving and lot of things happened. For Fiona, portrayed by Emmy Rossum, it’s a slow journey towards stability and a long-term relationships, but the road to hell is paved with good sex. Enjoy this nice scene, and sorry for the blurry pics, it’s going […]

Krista Ayne’s sex scene on the boxing ring in Life On Top S01E05

Krista Ayne is an american model and actress. She started out as Pet of the Month for Penthouse magazine (the archives are available online), and then got a recurring role in erotica soap Life On Top. She is portraying a sport fanatic who gets into boxing and has sex on the boxing ring. Nowadays Krista […]

Margaret Keane Williams, sex scene in the Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E12

Margaret Keane Williams is an american actress with a discreet but steady career. She has the same name as Walter Keane’s famous wife who got ripped off by her husband because of the paternalist american society of the 50s. The story has been put on screen under the title Big Eyes with Christoph Waltz and […]

Shanola Hampton is having sex on a pool table in Shameless S05E11

Sorry for the spoiler if you’re not there yet but as expected, Kev and V are back together in this week’s Shameless episode and they’re back at it as soon as they can, meaning having sex during a flood on a pool table. Shanola Hampton explained that this season has been really interresting for her […]

Sasha Alexander is nude again in Shameless S05E11

Sasha Alexander is famous for her role as Dr Maura Isles in The Rizzoli and Isles. After 6 years with that show she says people tend to identify the actress and the character and you need to do something about it. Along came Shameless with a new character, completely different to what sh’d done before. […]

Sally Golan, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E09

Sally Golan was born in Israel and raised in Canada. She has since made New York City her place to live (including in her twitter account @sallygolanNYC) and work as an entrepreneur for her own Media Event Company called Social Exposure Media for which she sets up (sexy but not only) events such as Lingerie […]

Rosario Dawson, completely nude in He Got Game (1998)

Rosario Dawson is an american actress, born in 1979 in New York. Rosario’s story is a typical american self-made woman story. Rosario Dawson was born in a poor family and her faith seemed doomed, until she was discovered at 16 by an aspiring screenwriter who cast her for controversial Kids in 1995. It took her […]

Nichole Bloom, naked sex scene in Shameless S05E08

Nichole Bloom is nude once again in Shameless and this is the best sex scene we’ve had so far this season. This time she’s having ravid sex with her lover until someone knocks at the door. Nobody likes being disturbed while having sex! Nichole started as a model for American Apparel and did a few […]

Mary LeGault’s perfect sex in Life On Top S01E04

This time Sophie (Mary LeGault) is not dreaming, she is having the best sex of her life, in bed with her lover in different positions. They’re both completely naked, even though the sexes are not explicitly shown. It’s softcore erotica, not porn. He starts by grabbing her tits, then goes down to give her some […]

Tanya Clarke, topless sex scene in Banshee S03E06

Banshee’s season finale is planned for the friday 13th (brr) march, in just one week. Lots of things happened that season and Tanya Clarke as Emily made a name for herself in the show this year. Her complex relationships with ex-husband deputy Brock Lotus (brilliant Matt Servitto) and this sex scene with Kai Proctor (Ulrich […]

Rebecca Ferguson, nude love scenes in The White Queen S01E03 & S01E05

Rebecca Ferguson is starring in the White Queen, a british drama produced by the BBC in 2013. The series is based on the book written by Philippa Gregory and is set during the War of the Roses and the fight for the throne in England in the XVth century. Even though the show has been […]