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Tony Soprano gets them all. This scene from the Sopranos features Valentina la Paz aka Leslie Bega nude, having sex with the mob boss. They met at a horse [...]
Leslie Bega reaches orgasm in a sex scene in the Sopranos S04E08
Lizzie, the hot babysitter (Camilla Luddington) is having sex with Charlie in a bed. We can see them both moaning together until he has an orgasm. He [...]
Camilla Luddington, quick sex scene in Californication S05E08
Hannah Fierman is hot in this sex scene from The Girl’s Guide To Depravity S01E11. She’s lying topless on a bed full of coats in a small room [...]
Hannah Fierman, sex scene at a party in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E11
Tell Me You Love Me is a weird tv show, trying to show true love stories in the most realistic way. Which means include very explicit sex scenes between [...]
Graphical sex scene for Sonya Walger in Tell Me You Love Me S01E02
Heather Vandeven is the true gem of erotica Life on Top. She portrays Sophie’s sister, a successful playmate with a very intense sex life. In this [...]
Heather Vandeven, softcore sex scene in Life On Top S01E10
It is the first time we can feature Laura Gómez nude on screen. In Orange Is The New Black, Laura portrays Blanca, a wild Dominican inmate with a [...]
Laura Gómez, wild sex scene in Orange Is The New Black S04E09
Melissa Stephens’ character Peggy in Californication gets on weird sex taboos. In the previous episode she wanted to get choked while pretending that [...]
Melissa Stephens, sex taboos and masturbation in Californication S04E09
In that scene, Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay) is having sex with her boyfriend. They’re both naked in bed and we can see Sarah topless as her boyfriend [...]
Sarah Hay, nude sex scene in Flesh and Bone S01E06
In Californication, Charlie always gets the weirdos and in that scene he is having sex with Melissa Stephens, portraying a beautiful girl with strange [...]
Melissa Stephens, topless sex scene and weird fantasies in Californication S04E08
Forbrydelsen is the original Danish TV Show that gave us The Killing. In that scene Stine’s character finally gives up and sleep with her [...]
Stine Praetorius, nude sex scene in Forbrydelsen (The Killing DK) S02E08
Karen Fiji and Mia Presley are lovers in erotica softcore series Life On Top and you can see that when real pornstars do softcore porn, they make it sound [...]
Erotica lesbian love in Life On Top S01E07 with Karen Fiji & Mia Presley
Rachel Griffiths’ career can be split in two phases. The first one, before her breast augmentation job, when she was more involved in the indie scene [...]
Rachel Griffiths, bouncing boobs during sex, in Burning Man