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Karen Gillan, Doctor Who, compeletely naked in Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillan is a scottish actress born in Inverness in 1987. Karen started acting at school and studied acting at the Performing Arts Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, then moved to London and earned a Bachelor of Arts in acting. She started working as a model and actress while she was still studying in both comedy […]

Miley Cyrus, nude again on polaroids, for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus is more naked than ever this month with those new behind-the-scenes polaroids from the pop celeb “Bangerz Tour”, released in V Magazine. All the photos have been taken by Miley’s friend Cheyne Thomas and show the singer naked in a bathtub, or wearing lingerie showing her nipples or patsies. She also bare naked […]

Kristen Connolly flashes briefly her breasts in House of Cards S01E01

Kristen Connolly is an american actress born in 1980. Her first big step was as “typical virgin” Dana in The Cabin in the Woods which gained her recognition. She has been acting on several tv shows as a recurring character in Guiding light and as the world turns, then as Christina Gallagher on House of […]

Sexy Emma Watson’s nipslip

Emma Watson is a british actress, born in Paris in 1990. She started acting on stage at the Oxford Branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts and her career began when she got cast as Hermionne Granger for the first Harry Potter film. The success was astounding and by the end of the whole series of Harry […]

Heather Thomas, the Fall Guy, kind of nude in zapped! (1982)

Heather Thomas is an american actress born in Connecticut in 1957. She is famous for her role as Jody Banks in the Fall Guy. In Zapped!, she plays the hot cheerleader and kind of shows her body. Kind of because it’s obviously a body double. The cut is sharp between the shots and if you […]

Lea Michele, Glee, nip slip

Lea Michele is an american actress, born in The Bronx, NY in 1986. She has Italian, American and Turkish ancesters. She started her career at 8. On Broadway! As a replacement for “Young Cosette” on the original production of Les Miserables. She’s been acting in Musical productions on Broadway on stage for the rest of […]

Nicky Whelan, sexy photo shoot on the beach

Nicky Whelan is an australian model and actress born in 1981. She started her career in the australian TV soap Neighbours, then got a role in Scrubs in 2001 and moved on to Film, her latest success being Hall Pass in 2011. That photo shoot is really hot, her transparent swimsuit shows everything.

Elizabeth Olsen, Sexy scene in OldBoy

Elizabeth Olsen is the third one of the Olsen Sisters, after ultimate stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Full House’s Michelle). All the family seems to be linked with the movie business, as it is often the case with star children. Elizabeth was born in 1989 in California, studied drama in NY and was cast for […]

Hilary Swank’s huge breasts through a transparent blouse

Hilary Swank is an american actress born in Nebraska in 1974. She has modest family backgrounds and lived in a car with her mother for a while when they moved to L.A. She was 13 at the time and was already thinking about making a career in acting. Frist break in 1994 with Miss Karate […]

Claire Bronson, flashing quickly in Banshee S01E07

Claire Bronson is an american actress, seen on television in Banshee and Army Wives and on the big screen in The Signal, and A.C.O.D.

Eva Longoria, nip slip at the Instyle Golden Globes Party

Eva Longoria is a pretty latina actress, born in 1975. She became famous as Isabella Braña in CBS soap The Young And The Restless, and then as Gabrielle Solis in ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Since it’s finished she seems to be doing less acting and more ads for numerous brands, from Sheba to Microsoft, Heineken, L’Oréal […]

Hannah Ferguson, sexy bikini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

Hannah Ferguson is the new model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2014 edition. Hannah is the fourth SI Rookie for 2014. She is a sexy texas born model, living in New York and she is getting more famous by the minute. Check her delicious body in those pictures.