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Shalom Harlow, nude for Purple magazine #8

Shalom Harlow is a canadian model and actress, born in Ontario in 1973. She started modelling right after High School and studied ballet. In this set for Purple Magazine number 8, she is fully nude in black and white shot from different angles. Shalom Harlow said one day to Cindy Crawford asking if she had […]

Rachel mcAdams & Meredith Ostrom, topless at the beach in My name is Tanino

in My Name is Tanino, Rachel McAdams (brunette) and Meredith Ostrom (blonde) are topless, sunbathing on a beach in Italy. They swim for a while and Rachel McAdams losts her ring which is fonud later by a young man. They are topless during the whole scene, including close-up shots when they are chatting. Rachel McAdams […]

Mary LeGault, sex scene in Life On Top S01E01

Mary LeGault is an american actress born in 1987 in Calfornia. She describes herself as an actor, model, action performer, photographer and humanitarian. Life on Top was shot in 2009 and she doesn’t seeom to do anymore erotica nowadays.

Sally Golan’s first sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

Sally Golan is a canadian actress born in 1985. She started performing at 5 and has been trained at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto in acting, dancing, and singing. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first recurring role on television.

Denni Parkinson, naked kite surfing with Richard Branson

Richard Branson was on a visit to his private caribbean island when his photographer friend Stephane Gautronneau asked him to take part in the photoshoot including his model girlfriend, the very sexy Denni Parkison, naked, clinging to his back. Virgin’s big boss’ children recall that everyone had a great day. You bet.

Nude models and “Big cats”, by photographer Sylvie Blum

Sylvie Blum is an australian model and photographer, living in L.A. She started as a model during her school days and became famous, then met legendary photographer Guenter Blum and became his muse. He became his mentor, they got married and learned photography with him. He died two years after their wedding and she became […]

Tatiana Maslany, naked in Orphan Black S01E01

Tatiana Maslany is a canadian actress, born in Saskatchewan, Canada. She started acting in College and became famous for her improv skills. She even took part in the Canadian Improv Games. Even though she is been in the game for years with several second roles, Orphan Black gave her the most attention, playing the lead […]

Cristina Brondo, nude in Between your legs

Cristina Brondo is a hot spanish actress born in 1977 in Barcelona. She started at 14 in adverts and moved on to Television with Poble Nou, TV3 Drama, which gave her a lot of attention at the time. Her new film is called “Perdona si te llamo amor” (Sorry if I call you love), a […]

Christa Theret and Solene Rigot, naked models in Renoir

Renoir’s passion for flash and nude woman is well transcribed in Gilles Bourdos’ film. Christa Theret is Andree, impressionist painter Renoir’s last love and model, posing nude all along the movie for the hedonist master. She is joined today by Solene Rigot, naked as well for a lovely scene in a meadow. Who said classic […]

Lorraine Toussaint, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E12 (spoiler alert)

Lorraine Toussaint is a Trinidadian-born american actress born in 1960, famous for her role in Any Day Now and back under the spotlight for Orange is the New Black as Vee, the tough street-taught drug dealer who plots and schemes as she breathes. Lorraine moved to Brooklyn at age 10 and afterwards studied drama. Her […]

Christa Theret, sexy Redhead in Renoir, part 2

Christa Theret is a pretty redhdead french actress. In Renoir, she is portraying Catherine Hessling a french actress who became one of Auguste Renoir’s last models and his son film maker Jean Renoir’s first wife. The painter described her as a curvy redhead. Christa Theret is not that curvy but she is really good looking.

Sunday SG: Episkey, Suicide Girls in Go Go Gryffindor

Episkey Suicide is a british glamour model born in 1990 and working for Suicide GIrls since 2008. Her alias Episkey is a healing spell that heals minor injuries in the Harry Potter Series. Episkey also says she lives in Godric’s Hollow, a small village in West England, again in the Harry Potter Series. It looks […]