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Sally Golan, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E09

Sally Golan was born in Israel and raised in Canada. She has since made New York City her place to live (including in her twitter account @sallygolanNYC) and work as an entrepreneur for her own Media Event Company called Social Exposure Media for which she sets up (sexy but not only) events such as Lingerie […]

Dakota Johnson, fully nude in Fifty Shades of Grey

Dakota Johnson is an american actress and model, born in Texas in 1989. Dakota comes from an actor family. Her mother is Melanie Griffith, her father Don Johnson. She started her career at 10 playing along her half sister Stella Banderas and their mother in Crazy in Alabama, directed by her then stepfather Antonio Banderas. […]

Satelina, Suicide Girls, in Room with a View

Alessa Borisova, aka Satelina Suicide, is a ukrainian model, working for Suicide Girls since and others. Alessa/Satelina is 27 and lives in South Korea, where she learns korean and travels all around asia for photoshoots. Maybe asia has a thing for ultra sexy gingerhead. Well, we do for sure. Alessa asks herself lately if it’s […]

Juliet Rylance, full nude in The Knick S01E08

Juliet Rylance is a british actress, born in London in 1979. Her real name is Juliet Van Kampen but she took her stepfather’s as a stage name. Juliet Rylance started her career in 2003 after graduating in acting. She is mainly a stage actress and has portrayed many roles in the Uk and USA, for […]

Sasha Alexander, first nude scene in Shameless S05E09

Sasha Alexander is an american actress, born in 1973 in L.A. Sasha grew up next to Hollywood but moved to New York to learn stage acting first. She graduated and started her career on television in Wasteland and Dawson’s Creek. Mostly famous for her role in NCIS and Rizzoli & Isles, she is now nude […]

Melissa George, Home and Away, sex scene in Hunted

Melissa George is an australian actress born in Perth, Australia in 1976. Her main act was as Angel Parrish in Home and Away, after which she decided to move to America to pursue her career and received attention on television in Friends, Alias and Grey’s Anatomy. Dark City was her first time on the big […]

Emmanuelle Beart, mission impossible, nude

Emmanuelle Béart is a french actress born in 1963 in Saint-Tropez, France. Her father was a singer and poet. She decided at 13 she wated to be an actress and was sent by her parents a bit later to Canada to learn english. Robert Altman booked her to do a film at that time but […]

Sunday SG: James, Suicide Girls, in Proud To Be

James Suicide is a 31 years old model from USA, working for online community Suicide Girls since 2004. She lives in Norway (or does she?) at the moment. In 2007 James Suicide took part in a series of ads for PETA, the Animal Rights Organization. In that serie, shot in Hollywood, California at Area 101 […]

Pamela Bellwood, Dynasty, Italian Playboy April 1983

Pamela Bellwood is an american actress born in 1951 in New York under the name of Pamela King. She studied acting in New York and was first credited as Pamela Kingsley. She eventually changed her name to Pamela Bellwood. She is mainly famous for her recurring role as Claudia Blaisdel Carrington in Dynasty. For this […]

Bernadette Penotti, topless nurse in The Sopranos S01E03

Bernadette Penotti’s only scene in the whole series, playing a sexy nurse who grabs things under the covers, and bends over the bed until her boob pop off. At that point, she removes it completely and goes topless and you understand she is that kind of nurse.

Anissa Holmes & Vanessa Broze, threesome in Forbidden Science S01E01

In that first episode of the sexy sci fi series Forbidden Science, Vanessa Broze is killed in a car accident and her husband buys a cloned version of his late wife (the sleepy blonde) for business, while he’s having an affair with his lawyer (Annissa Holmes, the busty brunette). What a plot!

Nichole Bloom, naked sex scene in Shameless S05E08

Nichole Bloom is nude once again in Shameless and this is the best sex scene we’ve had so far this season. This time she’s having ravid sex with her lover until someone knocks at the door. Nobody likes being disturbed while having sex! Nichole started as a model for American Apparel and did a few […]