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Ana de Armas, Knock Knock, nude in Sex, Party and Lies (2009)

Ana de Armas is the new bomb everybody’s talking about after the screening of Knock, Knock, and her topless scene opposing Keanu Reeves. It’s not the first time for Ana, who has been topless previously in today’s scene taken from Sex, Party and Lies in 2009 (age 21). Ana was born in Cuba and studied […]

Kate Morgan Chadwick (?), brief sex scene and full frontal in Shameless S05E12

We’re not really sure that is Kate Morgan Chadwick but it looks a lot like her (and she is credited in that episode), let us know what you think! Kate Morgan Chadwick is an american actress, at ease on stage and on screen. Her Resume includes performances in Mamma Mia at Las Vegas, as well […]

Jessica Parker Kennedy teases briefly with her nude body in Black Sails S01E08

Jessica Parker Kennedy (as Max, in Black Sails), out of the bath, is drying her hair, completely nude looking at herself in a mirror when she feels observed. She likes it and turns completely to reveal a full frontal nudity, takes a robe and dress herself slowly with a cheeky smile.

Olivia Cheng, see through robe among naked ladies in Marco Polo S01E06

Olivia Cheng is a Canadian actress with Chinese roots. Her parents were mandarin teachers in a Canadian bilingual school they funded and she grew up with both cultures. No need to speak Mandarin to understand Marco Polo as everything is shot in english and it is according to the actress one of the reasons it […]

Emmy Rossum, wild sex scene in Shameless S05E12 season Finale HD

Shameless’ fifth season was quite a ride. The characters are slowly evolving and lot of things happened. For Fiona, portrayed by Emmy Rossum, it’s a slow journey towards stability and a long-term relationships, but the road to hell is paved with good sex. Enjoy this nice scene, and sorry for the blurry pics, it’s going […]

Krista Ayne’s sex scene on the boxing ring in Life On Top S01E05

Krista Ayne is an american model and actress. She started out as Pet of the Month for Penthouse magazine (the archives are available online), and then got a recurring role in erotica soap Life On Top. She is portraying a sport fanatic who gets into boxing and has sex on the boxing ring. Nowadays Krista […]

Anthea Page by David Bellemere for Treats Magazine

In fall 2012, David Bellemere shot australian fashion model Anthea Page completely nude for Treats Magazine. David Bellemere is a french photographer born and raised in Paris. He studied visual arts and traveled around asia (and so did Anthea Page later!) and built his style with a unique light, composition and colors, giving his work […]

Psychedelic sex orgy in Marco Polo S01E05

After taking drugs Marco Polo starts seeing things and by things we mean group of people having avid sex with weird symmetrical effects. He’s taking part too with a beautiful naked lady before he wakes up.

Vahina Giocante, sexy topless whore in Blueberry

Vahina Giocante is a french actress, born in 1981. Her family roots are a mix between corsica and spain and that may explain why she is so hot! Vahina was spotted on a beach at 14, got her first role, and her first award for Marie Bais des Anges. She then became a dancer at […]

Margaret Keane Williams, sex scene in the Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E12

Margaret Keane Williams is an american actress with a discreet but steady career. She has the same name as Walter Keane’s famous wife who got ripped off by her husband because of the paternalist american society of the 50s. The story has been put on screen under the title Big Eyes with Christoph Waltz and […]

Unknown actress, nude as Blue Princess in Marco Polo S01E06

Spoiler alert! This scene contains a major spoiler as we learn that Marco Polo’s beloved Blue Princess is a fake. Kokachin, portrayed by Zhu Zhu, is actually Kokachin’s servant pretending to be the Blue Princess. The real blue princess has comitted suicide when she learned that Khan had took over. It would be nice to […]

Justine Joli and a friend, fake boobs and sexy lingerie in Life On Top S01E07

Justine Joli is an american pornstar born in 1980 in Missouri, USA. Even though Justine is mostly famous for her porn films she has been featured in a few softcore tv shows too such as the girl’s guide to depravity (featured here) or today Life on Top. Justine Joli is also known as Hope, Justine, […]