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Christa Theret and Solene Rigot, naked models in Renoir

Renoir’s passion for flash and nude woman is well transcribed in Gilles Bourdos’ film. Christa Theret is Andree, impressionist painter Renoir’s last love and model, posing nude all along the movie for the hedonist master. She is joined today by Solene Rigot, naked as well for a lovely scene in a meadow. Who said classic […]

Lorraine Toussaint, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E12 (spoiler alert)

Lorraine Toussaint is a Trinidadian-born american actress born in 1960, famous for her role in Any Day Now and back under the spotlight for Orange is the New Black as Vee, the tough street-taught drug dealer who plots and schemes as she breathes. Lorraine moved to Brooklyn at age 10 and afterwards studied drama. Her […]

Christa Theret, sexy Redhead in Renoir, part 2

Christa Theret is a pretty redhdead french actress. In Renoir, she is portraying Catherine Hessling a french actress who became one of Auguste Renoir’s last models and his son film maker Jean Renoir’s first wife. The painter described her as a curvy redhead. Christa Theret is not that curvy but she is really good looking.

Sunday SG: Episkey, Suicide Girls in Go Go Gryffindor

Episkey Suicide is a british glamour model born in 1990 and working for Suicide GIrls since 2008. Her alias Episkey is a healing spell that heals minor injuries in the Harry Potter Series. Episkey also says she lives in Godric’s Hollow, a small village in West England, again in the Harry Potter Series. It looks […]

Sophia Myles, posing nude in Art School Confidential

Sophia Myles is a british actress born in 1980 in London. She was spotted at a school play when she was still in highschool and started her acting career full-time instead of going to university. Her resume includes a small role alongside Johnny Depp in From Hell and a main role sharing the screen with […]

Sıla Şahin, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten, completely naked for Playboy

Sıla Şahin is a turkish-german actress born in Berlin in 1985 and famous for her role of Ayla Özgül in Gutes Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. When she became the first trukish woman on a playboy cover there was a bit of a scandal among her family and more importantly among the Muslim conservatives. She was proud […]

Carol Seleme, sexy brazilian model

Carol Seleme is an brazilian atomic bomb. She moved to L.A. at 18 and has been making her career modelling, entertaining, and acting in various music videos for Rick Ross or Pitbull. She has an amazing butt body but she also finished her bachelors in Fine Arts and is into painting and photography. She considers […]

Sunday SG: Radeo, Suicide Girls, in Rusty

Radeo is an alternative model for Suicide Girls, since 2008. And she is right now traveling. She started with south america, then Easter Island, then Iceland and she is now going south in Europe and Italy. Lucky girl! She is a very social animal, you can follow her on Instagram, twitter, facebook.

Intimate love scene with Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex S02E01

Here it is, the new season of Masters of Sex! And as expected they offered us one sexy scene featuring Lizzy Caplan. It’s an intimate love scene, a bit in the shade. Michael Sheen (Libby Masters) makes love to Lizzy Caplan (Virginia Johnson). I won’t say anything else to avoid spoilers.

Sunday SG: Flux, Suicide Girls, in Tudor Tryst

Flux is a very sexy model working for number 1 alternative community Suicide Girls. Or should we say was? It seemed that flux hanged back her glamour modeling career, at least on Suicide Girls. Her most recent blog post is from july 2012. And before that december 2011. That’s a long time in internet years. […]

Kristen McMenamy, sexy model shot nude by top photographers

Kristen McMenamy is an american model born in 1966 in Easton, Pennsylvania. Kristen made the most of her career between 1985 and 1998. During that period she worked for famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Versace, Valentino and posed for glamorous photographers. She married Miles Alridge and has 3 children. This set is a mix […]

Christa Theret, hot in Renoir part 1

Christa Theret is a french actress born in Paris in 1991. She started her career at 11 and gave up school at 17 to become a full-time actress. In Renoir she is a model for famous painter Renoir (hence the title). As such she is completely nude in most of her scenes. And she has […]