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In this historic film featuring the Three Musketeers aging and D’Artagnan’s hot daughter taking over, This scene shows Sophie Marceau topless [...]
Sophie Marceau topless in La Fille de D’Artagnan
Sarah Power portrays an actress lacking confidence in Californication. She is on set, getting ready for her first nude scene. She is wondering if her body [...]
Sarah Power gorgeous boobs exposed in Californication S05E09
Tony Soprano is a woman magnet. The guy is fat and bald, but he is witty and his power as a mob boss gives him confidence to get any woman he wants to [...]
Lorraine Braco nude fantasy in The Sopranos S05E01
Gabby finally makes love with her boyfriend and suddenly the bold young girl becomes a shy virgin. Sophia Takal’s first sex scene is touching and [...]
Touching first sex scene for Sophia Takal
This set features The Fast and The Furious’ star Nathalie Kelley nude, shot by talented Genevieve Medow Jenkins. The actress can be seen completely [...]
Fast and Furious Nathalie Kelley nude
In Life on Top S01E13, softcore pornstar Mia Presley is having sex with her new lover. He prepares the rough surface then lays her completely nude on the [...]
Pornstar Mia Presley sex on the floor, in Life On Top S01E13
Sonja Gerhardt, as Monika Schöllack, is having sex in a bed with her lover in that scene from new German tv show Ku’damm 56. This show tells the [...]
Sonja Gerhardt sex scene in Ku’damm 56 S01E02
In Breaking at the Edge, a pregnant woman who fears for her baby’s life unless she avenges a dark (and sexy) entity. Rebecca Da Costa is the pregnant [...]
Rebecca Da Costa and Brianne Davies nude bodies in Breaking at the Edge
in Danish tv show Borgen, the sexy news anchor Katrina is portrayed by Birgitte Hjort Soerensen nude in this love scene with her fitness coach. In the [...]
Birgitte Hjort Soerensen nude in Borgen S01E07
This set starts with Phecda trying to draw Phtalo Suicide Girls on a canvas. Phtalo is dressed at first but when Phecda asks her to undress they both end [...]
Sunday SG: Phecda & Phtalo Suicide Girls, in Figure Study
Thanks to Yume Magazine, here is Marisa Papen naked again. This time, the sexy model has been shot by talented Kris Rodammer in a set called “Gender [...]
Marisa Papen naked in Yume Magazine
Let’s enjoy a bit more of Mary LeGault having sex with her boyfriend as Sophie in Life on Top Season 1. They’re both at home. She comes to him [...]
Mary LeGault sex and love in Life On Top S01E13