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Lili Simmons, topless and sexy in Banshee S03E01 HD

Cinemax’s Banshee is back for a third season and it’s looking really nice. The first episode offers a few hot scenes already as well as part of the global plot for this season and who else but Lili Simmons could have give us the best glimpse of what’s to come (hopefully). She must be nude […]

Lily Allen, topless for William Baker (2010)

Lily Allen is multitalented. She is a songwriter and a singer, but also worked as a television presenter and an actress. She started her career at 15 and with the help of MySpace got her first contract. She sold 2.6 million dollars of her debut album. She took a hiatus in 2009 but eventually came […]

Olivia Cheng fights completely naked in Marco Polo S01E02 HD

Olivia Cheng portrays Mei Lin, a concubine and assassin. She spend most of her time completely nude making love or killing people (sometimes at the same time). In that scene she gets rid of 3 guards with her bare hands. The poor lads, stunned by her nude body, can’t even fight back. Even though Marco […]

Jessica Parker Kennedy, full frontal, in Black Sails S01E02

Only the second episode of the season and already the best scene you could get. Jessica Parker Kennedy tries to bring her lover Hannah New back in her bed. She removes the blanket and shows her full naked body long enough for us to admire her perfect curves, boobs and bush. Really hot! Jessica Parker […]

Hannah New walks around, naked, in Black Sails S01E02

Hannah New is a british actress, born in London. Trained as a ballet dancer as a child she gained confidence on stage during various stage productions during her childhood. She studied languages English and Spanish and studied in Spain to be able to speak fluently. There she was spotted by a modelling agency and started […]

Ileana Huxley walks around naked in Shameless S05E01

Ileana Huxley is an american actress from Salt Lake City, Utah. After a MBA in business she realised she wanted to be an actress and decided to take a leap of faith. She packed up her car and move to L.A. It took a while but after a few stage productions and featuring in short […]

Shanola Hampton, topless in lingerie, Shameless S05E01

Shameless Season 5, here we go! Glad to see all the characters back on screen in their filthy world. And to fire the new season we have 2 scenes with the curvy Shanola Hampton. In the first one she shows her boobies in sexy lingerie and tries to do a blowjob to her husband but […]

Miley Cyrus, nude again on polaroids, for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus is more naked than ever this month with those new behind-the-scenes polaroids from the pop celeb “Bangerz Tour”, released in V Magazine. All the photos have been taken by Miley’s friend Cheyne Thomas and show the singer naked in a bathtub, or wearing lingerie showing her nipples or patsies. She also bare naked […]

Jessica Parker Kennedy & Hannah New, lesbian love scene in Black Sails S01E01 HD

Black Sails’ writers seem to have understood that the secret of Games of Thrones is the right mix between action, talking and sex. After the classic brothel scene, this first episode ends on a new lesbian love relationship between Eleanor Guthrie (British Hanna New) and Max (Canadian Jessica Parker Kennedy). This story is only starting […]

Shailene Woodley, naked love scene in White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)

Shailene Woodley is an american actress born in California in 1991. Shailene began modelling at 4 for commercials and got her first acting role at 8 on tv. She kept on going on screen with more tv shows until at 15 she had to stop for a couple of years for medical reasons. She came […]

Anna Friel, topless in a bathtub in Watermelon

Watermelon is an irish television film from 2003, based on the novel Watermelon by Marian Keyes. Anna Friel portrays a young girl who loses her boyfriend on the day she gives birth to her baby. She goes back to her (strange) family to get better. In that scene Anna Friel is completely nude in a […]

Cameron Diaz’s naked butt in Sex Tape (2014)

Here is Cameron Diaz, officially naked in a film at last! It is to my knowledge the first time Cameron Diaz appears naked in a major film so it is quite a landmark. The film was released at the same time as the Fappening happened and the coincidence was quite extraordinary. On one side a […]