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Phoebe Cates, multiple sex scenes in Paradise 3/3

This is the last post on Paradise, the superb first big-screen film with Phoebe Cates, 80s teenage star. Things are getting serious between Phoebe Cates and her partner, they’re discovering love and are showing their body in full nude scenes with close-ups and cheesy score. Even though the actress has claimed (and the producer agreed) […]

Krista Ayne’s sexy first naked scene in Life On Top S01E01

Krista Ayne’s character in Life On Top is Maya, the sporty one. She is the main character Sophie’s (played by Mary LeGault) best friend and moved to New York City to follow her. She develops an interest for kickboxing, or kickboxers and trains a lot. Completely nude.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, nude on stolen sexy photos

This set proves that you can be classy even when you’re shooting nude photos in intimacy and not for the whole world to see. Mary Elizabeth Winstead surely have the prettiest pictures of all the recent massive leakage that happened after a hacker broke into several celebs Apple iCloud’s accounts. Fun fact: Mary Elizabeth Winstead […]

Nude Lizzy Caplan strips down for her lover in Masters of Sex S02E03

Lizzy Caplan almost got her first Emmy this year for best Lead Drama Actress but she lost eventually. This season is darker than the first one and goes deeeper into the drama. The main characters are playing make believe to keep on studying Sex in a Hotel Room and pretending they don’t really care. But […]

Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey, encroached nude on leaked photos

Jessica Brown Findlay is a english actress famous for her role in Downton Abbey and Jamaica Inn. She was part of the massive now called Lawrence Cloud Leak, which happened at the end of august. The hacker released a few pictures on 4Chan and said he had a sexy video of Jennifer Lawrence if people […]

Yvonne Strahovski is completely nude at last, in stolen cloud photos

Yvonne Strahovski is a very pretty australian actress, famous for her roles as Sarah Walker in Chuck and poisonous Hannah McKay in Dexter. She had a few undressed scenes in Dexter but nothing revealing too much. Not as much as these leaked photos, released earlier this week by an unknown hacker who broke into Apple’s […]

Hacker leaked nude Jennifer Lawrence pictures!

Wow. These photos are really fresh off the press. A unknown hacker apparently managed to get pictures and videos from 140 celebs and actresses from the cloud. He plans to realease most of them later. The press services are going mad over the whole story. Jennifer Lawrence is the first victim but she could benefit […]

Phoebe Cates, Gremlins, nude in Paradise 1/3

Phoebe Cates is a cult american actress from the 80s, famouse for her roles in Gremlins and Gremlins 2, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Drop Dead Fred. She started as a model at 14, living in New York at the time and made her transition to acting with Paradise in 1982. More to come…

Shalom Harlow, nude for Purple magazine #8

Shalom Harlow is a canadian model and actress, born in Ontario in 1973. She started modelling right after High School and studied ballet. In this set for Purple Magazine number 8, she is fully nude in black and white shot from different angles. Shalom Harlow said one day to Cindy Crawford asking if she had […]

Rachel mcAdams & Meredith Ostrom, topless at the beach in My name is Tanino

in My Name is Tanino, Rachel McAdams (brunette) and Meredith Ostrom (blonde) are topless, sunbathing on a beach in Italy. They swim for a while and Rachel McAdams losts her ring which is fonud later by a young man. They are topless during the whole scene, including close-up shots when they are chatting. Rachel McAdams […]

Mary LeGault, sex scene in Life On Top S01E01

Mary LeGault is an american actress born in 1987 in Calfornia. She describes herself as an actor, model, action performer, photographer and humanitarian. Life on Top was shot in 2009 and she doesn’t seeom to do anymore erotica nowadays.

Sally Golan’s first sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

Sally Golan is a canadian actress born in 1985. She started performing at 5 and has been trained at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto in acting, dancing, and singing. The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is her first recurring role on television.