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Olivia Cheng, nude again in Marco Polo s01e04 HD

Olivia CHeng is the revelation of Netflix’s new Series Marco Polo, telling the story of the famous italian adventurer at the court of Kublai Khan. Olivia Cheng portrays Mei Lin, the spy and courtesan who kills or plays sexual games to save her life and her daughter’s life in the meantime. The series started mid december and had a big echo in the media. Produced by the Weinstein brothers and released in one go a la Netflix, the series also used Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon set designers and rely on both martial arts fights and sexual intrigues to tell this story. Continue reading Olivia Cheng, nude again in Marco Polo s01e04 HD

actress : Olivia Cheng.
shows : Arrow, Broken Trail, Marco Polo, Supernatural, The Flash.
country : Canada.
films : Assault on Wall Street, The ARt of War 2: Betrayal.

Bárbara Goenaga strips down in Timescrimes

Bárbara Goenaga is a Spanish actress, born in País Vasco, Spain in 1983. Her father is a painter and her uncle is the film director Aitzpea Goenaga. Bárbara started on television at age 6 and it became a regular job for her when she turned 11. She was seen on spanish tv and films regularly since 1991 and was nominated for a Goya Award in 2008 for Oviedo Express. In Timecrimes she removes her clothes first and then is seen unconscious completely nude laying against a rock in the middle of the woods. You’ll have to see this really clever film to know why. Continue reading Bárbara Goenaga strips down in Timescrimes

actress : Bárbara Goenaga.
shows : Cuéntame cómo pasó, Goenkale, Hospital Central, Vientos de Agua.
country : Spain.
films : Agnosia, La Buena Nueva, Los Cronocrímenes, Mi Dulce, Timecrimes.

Louise Barnes, sex scene in Black Sails S01E04

Louise Barnes is a South African actress born in 1974. She is quite famous in South Africa due to numerous roles on television and films and is best known for her role in Surviving Evil, an horror film from 2009. Black Sails might be her ticket to an international career and she’s had some good feedback from the first series. In that scene she is making love to a wounded man so she has to do all by herself and we can see her completely naked all along the scene under every angle. Continue reading Louise Barnes, sex scene in Black Sails S01E04

actress : Louise Barnes.
shows : Black Sails, Egoli, Jozi-H, Scandal!, The Sinking Of The Laconia.
country : South Africa.

Rachel Korine, topless prostitute in The Knick S01E10

Rachel Korine is an american actress born Rachel Simon in 1986. Rachel Was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee and has starrred in a few films, including an appearanc ein Spring Breakers, written and directed by Harmony Koorine, her husband. In The Knick Rachel portrays Julia, a prostitute, so we see her mainly half naked making love all along the first series. Continue reading Rachel Korine, topless prostitute in The Knick S01E10

actress : Rachel Korine.
shows : The Knick.
country : USA.
films : Mister Lonely, Spring Breakers, Trash Humpers.

Pornstar Riley Steele’s sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E08

Riley Steele is a porn actress born in 1976 in San Diego. As a young lady Riley was already a big fan of adult films and she was thrilled to meet her own hero Jesse Jane at a signing in L.A. Jesse advised to go into the film adult industry herself and helped her with a few contacts. She started filming in 2008. She has also tried to work in the mainstream media, notably as Kaylie in the Girl’s Guide to Depravity (still erotica though). Continue reading Pornstar Riley Steele’s sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E08

actress : Riley Steele.
shows : Life On Top, NTSF:SD:SUV, The Girl's Guide to Depravity.
country : USA.
films : Extinction: Patient Zero, Get Happy!, Other Plans.

Faye Marsay, sexy scene in The White Queen S01E06

Faye Marsay is a british actress born in 1986. She gratuaded from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and got her first role on television in the White Queen in 2013 right after that. Since then she has been seen as Candice in TV Series Fresh Meat, and also on My Mad Fat Diary and Pride more recently. Continue reading Faye Marsay, sexy scene in The White Queen S01E06

actress : Faye Marsay.
shows : Doctor Who, Fresh Meat, Glue, My Mad Fat Diary, The Bletchey Circle, The WHite Queen.
country : Uk.
films : Pride.

Camille Rowe, nude by Pam Hanson for Treats Magazine



Camille Rowe is a french model, born in Paris in 1990. Her mother is a model and dancer at Le Lido Club, beauty runs in the family. Camille was spotted in a café when she was a student in 2008. She became quickly famous and shot campaigns for Dior, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret and others. She also had a few roles in music videos and in Our Day Will Come in 2010. Continue reading Camille Rowe, nude by Pam Hanson for Treats Magazine

actress : Camille Rowe.
country : France.
magazine : Treats.
films : Our Day Will Come.

Elena Anaya, Sex and Lucia, full frontal at the beach


Elena Anaya was born in 1975 in Spain. At 21, in 1996, she entered an art school to study drama but was expelled when she started working the same year in Familia. She changed school and kept on working at the same time. In 2001 she appeared as the young seductress in Sex and Lucia, by Julio Medem. She received a Goya nomination for the part and shot the same year another film with Penelope Cruz and Victoria Abril. The following year she was shooting for Pedro Almodovar. Continue reading Elena Anaya, Sex and Lucia, full frontal at the beach

actress : Elena Anaya.
country : Spain.
films : Talk to Her, The Skin I live In, Van Helsing.

Eva Mendes, nude by Steven Meisel


Eva Mendes is an american actress born in Miami, Florida in 1974. SHe studied acting in college and got her first important role alongside Denzel Washington in Training Day in 2001. She has been seen in many movies after that, often playing the hot latina girl. In 2005 she got her biggest role in a romantic comedy with Will Smith called Hitch. She had a baby girl in october with famous actor Ryan Gosling. The first for both of them. Continue reading Eva Mendes, nude by Steven Meisel

actress : Eva Mendes.
shows : E.R., Mortal Kombat Conquest, V.I.P.
country : USA.
photographers : Steven Meisel.
films : 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch, The Other Guys, We Own The Night.

Paz de la Huerta, shot by Mario Sorrenti for Playboy Magazine



Paz de la Huerta is an american model and actress born in NY in 1984. She started her acting career in John Irving’s The Cider House Rules’ adaptation on screen and became famous these last years for her recurring role in Boardwalk Empire. Aside from her acting jobs, Paz is also a hard-working model. She often goes completely nude if required as in this set shot by superstar Mario Sorrenti for Playboy Magazine. Continue reading Paz de la Huerta, shot by Mario Sorrenti for Playboy Magazine

actress : Paz De La Huerta.
shows : Boardwalk Empire, NYPD Blue, The Practice, X Femmes.
country : USA.
magazine : Playboy.
photographers : Mario Sorrenti.
films : A Walk To Remember, Choke, The Cider House Rules.

Isild le besco, nude, deep in the woods



Isild Le besco is a french actress born in Paris in 1982. Famous for her parts in Roberto Succo and Girls can’t swim, she’s also a director. Isild often appears completely nude in films because of her amazing body and also to help the story too. Deep in the Woods (Au fond des bois) is a film from 2010 set in 1865 about a weird hypnotising wanderer and a young girl trying to get rid of him. Continue reading Isild le besco, nude, deep in the woods

actress : Isild Le Besc.
shows : Le Bahut, Petits Mythes Urbains.
country : France.
films : A tout de suite, Deep in the Woods, Girls can't swim, Roberto Succo, Sage.