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Ivana Milicevic, sex scene in Banshee S01E07

Ivana Milicevic has been nominated in the Best Full-frontal Category at the Mr Skin Awards this year for her work in the Series Banshee. It says a lot about what you’re going to see. Unfortunately she lost to Rosario Dawson in Trance. The Series Banshee was also nominated in the TV Show Category and lost […]

Sunday SG: Flux, Suicide Girls, in It’s cold outside

Flux Suicide is a 28 years old model, working with Suicide Girls. She is from North Carolina, USA. She is really adorable and seems a very funny girl in her sets and videos. It seems that she’s not working for Suicide Girls anymore. What a pity!

Elizabeth Olsen, Sexy scene in OldBoy

Elizabeth Olsen is the third one of the Olsen Sisters, after ultimate stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Full House’s Michelle). All the family seems to be linked with the movie business, as it is often the case with star children. Elizabeth was born in 1989 in California, studied drama in NY and was cast for […]

Sunday SG: Rambo, Suicide Girls, in Space Age

Rambo Suicide is an american model working for Suicide Girls. She also works there as a Model coordinator, meaning she’s roaming on the internet looking for new Suicide Girls. In an interview given for MTV Guy Code she explains that one of the common traits of every Suicide Girls is that they did not really […]

Diane Kruger, nude and sexy in Black and White

Diane Kruger is an germano-american actress, born near Hildesheim, Germany in 1976. She was a ballet dancer first and studied with the Royal Ballet of London, until an injury ended that dream. She then became a sucessful fashion model, in Paris. Her modeling career started with Elite in 1992 and she managed to get prestigious […]

Sheri Moon Zombie, naked in The Lords of Salem

Sheri Moon Zombie is an american actress and producer, born in California in 1970. She started as a model and a dancer. Shet met heavy rocker Rob Zombie, whom she dated and they finally got married in 2002. He began directing and she began acting in House of 1000 Corpses. Almost of all her roles […]

Marilyn Monroe, by the pool in Something’s Got to Give

These photos are taken from the shooting of Marilyn Monroe’s last feature, Something’s Got to Give, directed by Georges Cukor from 1962 to 1964. Marilyn Monroe came to the shooting for only 13 days out of the 30 days that were done. They tried to replace her (Cukor already had a bad experience from their […]

Drew Barrymore, naked icon of the 90s

Drew Barrymore is a pretty sexy american actress, born in California, USA, in 1975. She was 4 when she had her big Breakout in E.T, had a troubled adolescence full of drugs and scandals and blossomed as a sexy actress in the mid 90s. Her filmography is quite long and impressive. She comes from a […]

Sunday SG: Radeo, Suicide Girls, in Sweet Disposition

Radeo is a pretty american model, working for Suicide Girls. Interesting random facts: – she can’t get enough tattoos, and once the last is healed she’s thinking about the next one. – Suicide Girls has been for her a wonderful place to work because of the people she met there and the creativity – Working […]

Natasha Henstridge, hot blonde in Maximum Risk (1996)

Natasha Henstridge is a canadian actress and former model, born in 1974 in Newfoundland. She started as a model in Paris at 15, then moved on to acting at 19 with her first break in Species. She received lot of attention for her role as a Femme Fatale in the film, as well as an […]

Game Of Thrones S03E08: Carice van Houten, full frontal in bed

Carice Van Houten is a hottie from netherlands. Born in 1976, she always wanted to become an actress. She was accepted as both main dutch schools of drama Maastricht and Amsterdam and started her tv career at that time. Her international career started in 2006 with Black Book and then Valkyrie.

Lebanese Olympist skier Jackie Chamoun involved in nude pics scandal

Sole female in the Lebanese Ski team at the Olympic Games, Jackie Chamoun is at the center of the scandal based on splendid nude pictures she did for a sexy topless calendar 3 years ago. A making of video showed up online and you can see her almost completely naked wearing only ski boots and […]