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Lucy Walters sex scene with her lover in Power S03E04 is all about power and domination. Her character Holly struggles with her boyfriend to know who is [...]
Lucy Walters sex scene in Power S03E04
I bet the studio didn’t expect that kind of attention when they realised the press focused on the main actress Julia Stiles nipples exposed at [...]
Julia Stiles nipples exposed for ‘O’ Premiere (2001)
When her character opens up to her own feelings, we get Caitlin Fitzgerald topless after sex in a VW van in Masters of Sex Season 4 finale. Libby Masters [...]
Caitlin Fitzgerald topless after sex in Masters of Sex S04 Finale
This week’s Shameless episode opens with Ruby Modine tits exposed to the camera as she wakes up Lip who spent the night at her place. The girl is not [...]
Ruby Modine tits exposed in Shameless S07E05
Posti in Piedi in Paradiso (a Flat for Three) is a funny italian comedy. In that scene Nadir Caselli brings back a man to the flat. She turns the light on [...]
Nadir Caselli topless in Posti in Piedi in Paradiso
This set brings you back in 2005. Jessica Alba, hottest woman in the world at the time, shows up at the MTV Awards with this beautiful dress. The [...]
Jessica Alba, wearing a see through dress, showing her nipples at the MTV Awards
An American Affair tells the story of a teenage boy becoming a man in the 60s and that includes having an affair with his mysterious neighbour. He peers [...]
Gretchen Mol, sex scene in An American Affair
Last time we talked about Lena Headey, it was about the famous “Walk of Shame” scene in Games of Throne S05 finale. At the time people we [...]
Lena Headey, sex scene in Zipper
La La Anthony is a gorgeous woman and that may be the reason why she found herself in the middle of a controversy this summer when rumours spread about La [...]
La La Anthony, topless sex in Power S02E04
Hottie Lucy Walters describes the sex scenes in the show as “very easy to do”. She thinks the scenes were fun to shoot because she is super [...]
Wild sex for Lucy Walters in Power S01E04
Lise Slabber plays Idelle in Starz’s Black Sails’ first season. She is a prostitute working in the island’s brothel. In that scene, she [...]
Lise Slabber and a friend, topless boobs in Black Sails S01E03
In that scene all the concubines are naked, abserved and reviewed. All the girls are completely naked and we can see them alternatively from one side or [...]
Group nude display in Marco Polo S01E03 HD