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Becca Tobbin, Glee, nude on leaked photos

Becca Tobbin is an american actress, known for her work on Glee as Kitty Wilde, which was her first role on television. She is from a stage background (as it is often the case with singers/performers). Little did we know that she can also enlighten a boring christmas by opening her presents naked!

Victoria Justice, Victorious, appears topless on stolen sexy selfies

Victoria Justice is an american actress, born (almost) in the right place, in Hollywood, Florida. She is famous for her roles in Victorious, Zoey 101 and now for her leaked topless selfies as well. Victoria started her career at 7 in commercials and modelling and decided she wanted to become an actress.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, nude on stolen sexy photos

This set proves that you can be classy even when you’re shooting nude photos in intimacy and not for the whole world to see. Mary Elizabeth Winstead surely have the prettiest pictures of all the recent massive leakage that happened after a hacker broke into several celebs Apple iCloud’s accounts. Fun fact: Mary Elizabeth Winstead […]

Kate Upton completely nude on leaked photos

Not even a week after the first release of a bunch of leaked celeb photos, the whole web has gone wild. Reddit decided to close the subreddits linked to the Fappening, which is quite surprising considering the rest of the website. This is model Kate Upton, in intimacy and completely naked. She is usually portrayed […]

Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey, encroached nude on leaked photos

Jessica Brown Findlay is a english actress famous for her role in Downton Abbey and Jamaica Inn. She was part of the massive now called Lawrence Cloud Leak, which happened at the end of august. The hacker released a few pictures on 4Chan and said he had a sexy video of Jennifer Lawrence if people […]

Yvonne Strahovski is completely nude at last, in stolen cloud photos

Yvonne Strahovski is a very pretty australian actress, famous for her roles as Sarah Walker in Chuck and poisonous Hannah McKay in Dexter. She had a few undressed scenes in Dexter but nothing revealing too much. Not as much as these leaked photos, released earlier this week by an unknown hacker who broke into Apple’s […]

Brie Larson, exposed naked in stolen photos

Brie Larson is an american actress, famous for her roles in 21 Jump Street, Don Jon, Scott Pilgrim, and as a regular cast in Toni Collette’s United States of Tara (discontinued). It’s the first time we can appreciate her body naked, thanks to the hacker who broke the cloud.

Sexy Kirsten Dunst, topless in leaked cloud pictures

Kirsten Dunst’s reaction to the leaked photo of the actress, showing her bare breasts on 3 topless pictures is as legendary as the actress. She simply said : Thank you iCloud with a slice of pizza and a turd. It’s a direct attack to Apple’s online storage system which was hacked earlier, allowing a mysterious […]

Nude Selena Gomez leaked photos

Selena Gomez is an american actress born in Texas in 1992. She started acting at 9 and got her first record deal just before 16. These are the first supposedly legit leaked nude pictures of Selena Gomez! Maybe it’s a PR stunt or maybe her cell phone was really hacked and she will complain about […]

Renee Olstead, leaked nude photos in the shower

Renee Olstead is an american actress born in Houston, Texas, in 1989. Renee started her career on screen as a child at 8 for commercials and is famous for her roles as Lauren Miller in Still Standing and Madison Cooperstein in the Secret Life of the American Teenager. She also recorded 4 albums of jazz […]

Sara Boberg, naked leaked pictures, fake olympian scandal

Sara Boberg is a olympic athlete in the Swedish archery team. Someone leaked those very pretty pictures of her naked for our pleasure and she is really hot. This seems too good to be true. Actually it is too good to be true. The fact is there is no Sara Boberg on the Olympic Athletes […]

Candid naked pictures of Michelle Estevez

Michelle Estevez is a Filipina actress. Her boyfriend had the good idea to take pictures of her body while she was sleeping (drunk? maybe). This is what he gets. I wish he could do the same with a few other actresses.