Laura Prepon, topless with Jo Newman in Lay the Favorite

Laura Prepon is a gorgeous american actress who received attention in that 70s Show and is now part of the main cast of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, in which she portrays Alex Vause, the girlfriend of the main character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Shilling. Their relation is on and off along the […]

Taylor Schilling’s lip service in Orange is the New Black S02E10

Prior to shooting the second series Taylor Shilling visited a couple of women’s prison at Rikers Island in New York to meet women and talk about their life and their feelings in prison. According to her she was moved to tears and what stunned her the most was the amount of women in her early […]

Laura Prepon’s boobs in Orange Is The New Black S01E01

In that short scene Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling are both topless in the shower and we can clearly see Laura Prepon’s boobs. Laura Prepon is famous for her recurring role as Donna in That 70s Show. It’s nice to see her come back as a hot brunette in that new show.

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