Orange Is The New Black

Yael Stone is an Australian actress, born in Sydney in 1985. Yael studied drama and started her career on stage where she managed to get 2 Sydney Theatre [...]
Yael Stone
Taryn Manning’s character Pennsatucky gets more exposure in this 3rd season of Netflix’s Orange is the new black. Her character was [...]
Taryn Manning, Pennsatucky, naked in Orange Is The New Black S03E10
Ruby Rose is the new girl in Orange Is The New Black. She’s hot, naked, covered in tattoos and made a massive impression on every fan of the show. [...]
Sexy Ruby Rose, nude shower scene in Orange is the new black, S03E09
Taylor Schilling refuses to give too much information on what will happen once her character Piper finishes her sentence. What will happen of the show? She [...]
Taylor Schilling, topless in Orange Is The New Black S03E06
Madison McKinley is an american actress born in 1986. She appeared on television and films, including The Wolf of Wall Street and a small part in The [...]
Madison McKinley, strap-on dildo sex scene in Orange Is The New Black S03E04
Oksana Lada is an Ukrainian actress born in Ivano Frankivsk in 1976. After economic studies in her native country, she move to the U.S. and became a model [...]
Oksana Lada, topless with Tony Soprano in The Sopranos S01E06
Laura Prepon is a gorgeous american actress who received attention in that 70s Show and is now part of the main cast of Netflix’s Orange is The New [...]
Laura Prepon, topless with Jo Newman in Lay the Favorite
Lorraine_Toussaint-topless-oitnb- S02E12-02
Lorraine Toussaint is a Trinidadian-born american actress born in 1960, famous for her role in Any Day Now and back under the spotlight for Orange is the [...]
Lorraine Toussaint, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E12 (spoiler alert)
Prior to shooting the second series Taylor Shilling visited a couple of women’s prison at Rikers Island in New York to meet women and talk about [...]
Taylor Schilling’s lip service in Orange is the New Black S02E10
Kimiko Glenn portrays Brook Soso, one of the new characters of season 2 of Orange is the New Black. She is one of the few asians in a prison world split [...]
Kimiko Glenn, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E08
Nina Rausch is a german actress, with a pretty long resume on tv, including leading roles in They live among us, easy to assemble and the sandglass. Samira [...]
Samira Wiley and Nina Rausch, lesbian sex scene in Orange is the New Black S02E06
Claire Dominguez is an american actress born in the Dominican Republic. She is credited as “showering latina” in that nude scene where she is [...]
Claire Dominguez is taken out of the shower by her nipple in Orange is the New Black S02E05