Laura Prepon, topless with Jo Newman in Lay the Favorite

Laura Prepon is a gorgeous american actress who received attention in that 70s Show and is now part of the main cast of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, in which she portrays Alex Vause, the girlfriend of the main character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Shilling. Their relation is on and off along the […]

Lorraine Toussaint, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E12 (spoiler alert)

Lorraine Toussaint is a Trinidadian-born american actress born in 1960, famous for her role in Any Day Now and back under the spotlight for Orange is the New Black as Vee, the tough street-taught drug dealer who plots and schemes as she breathes. Lorraine moved to Brooklyn at age 10 and afterwards studied drama. Her […]

Taylor Schilling’s lip service in Orange is the New Black S02E10

Prior to shooting the second series Taylor Shilling visited a couple of women’s prison at Rikers Island in New York to meet women and talk about their life and their feelings in prison. According to her she was moved to tears and what stunned her the most was the amount of women in her early […]

Kimiko Glenn, topless in Orange is the New Black S02E08

Kimiko Glenn portrays Brook Soso, one of the new characters of season 2 of Orange is the New Black. She is one of the few asians in a prison world split between whites, latinas, and blacks. This is her second nude scene of the season even though it’s really brief. You might have seen her […]

Samira Wiley and Nina Rausch, lesbian sex scene in Orange is the New Black S02E06

Nina Rausch is a german actress, with a pretty long resume on tv, including leading roles in They live among us, easy to assemble and the sandglass. Samira Wiley is an american actress who studied acting in New York and worked mainly in stage productions at first before she got a role in 2011 comedy […]

Claire Dominguez is taken out of the shower by her nipple in Orange is the New Black S02E05

Claire Dominguez is an american actress born in the Dominican Republic. She is credited as “showering latina” in that nude scene where she is pulled off the shower by another inmate by her nipple. The scene also includes a brief full frontal by another actress in the second bathroom.

Kimiko Glenn, torrid sex scene in Orange is the New Black S02E04

Kimiko Glenn is an american actress born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. She started on stage at 10 and got into acting. She was cast while being a student for the 1st national Tour of Spring Awakening which lasted 2 years. She then moved to New York. Her work features a lot of theatre, and […]

sexy lesbian scenes with Natasha Lyonne and Hazel Honeysuckle in Orange is the New Black S02E03

Natasha Lyonne is not showing her body in those scenes but she is the one providing orgasm to unknown lesbian inmates, including burlesque artist Hazel Honeysuckle. I’m not sure those scenes are as close the reality as the rest of the TV show. The whole show is based on Piper Kerman’s book and experience when […]

Maria Dizzia, nip slip then topless in Orange is the New Black S02E02

Maria Dizzia is an american actress born in 1974 in New Jersey. She studied acting in San Diego and has been on stage and on screen since 1998. Her highlights include a Drama Desk Award Nomination in 2013 for Belleville by Amy Herzog, a 2010 Tony Award Nomination for Best featured actress in In the […]

Taylor Shilling, naked among other inmates in Orange Is The New Black S02E01

Orange is the New Black is back! And thanks to Netflix you can binge watch the whole 13 episodes in roughly 13 hours. The new season seems as hot as the first one and we start with a group naked scene where Taylor Shilling is seen topless. She was saying that when she did researches […]

Taylor Schilling, nude in the shower, Orange Is The New Black S01E13

Taylor Schilling is an american actress, born in Boston in 1984. She started her career in 2007 and has been seen on tv in Mercy and of course Orange Is The New Black, as Piper Chapman, sentenced to fifteen months of jail for a 10 years old crime as a drug mule for her then […]

Taryn Manning, topless in Orange Is The New Black S01E12

Taryn Manning is an actress born in 1978 in Tucson, Arizona. She is also a singer and a fashion designer. Famous for her roles of troubled women, she has played in Crazy/Beautiful, 8 Mile, Justle & Flow and is the arch enemy of the main character in Orange is the new Black.