Charlotte Hope, loud sex scene in Game of Thrones S04E06

Charlotte Hope is a pretty actress living in London who tends to show up in Game of Thrones from time to time only naked. Remember that torture scene from Season 3 involving 2 hot women and a missing limb? That was her. She is now back for another hot sex scene as Myranda, Ramsay Snow’s […]

Game of Thrones S03E07: Charlotte Hope and Stephanie Blacker, hot sexy game

This is one of my top 3 scenes of Game Of Thrones. The tension was amazing. You know what will happen and still it works amazingly, thanks to the talent and body language of Charlotte Hope and Stephanie Blacker. Charlotte hope is also part of the cast for Insomniac. That looks promising. Stephanie Blacker is […]

Charlotte Hope and Stephanie Blacker, sex scene in Game Of Thrones S03E07