Allison McAtee sex scene in Californication is interrupted (as often) by Charlie walking into the room. Hank is catching up with an old relation, Allison [...]
Allison McAtee sex scene in Californication S06E04
Alissa Dean
Charlie is ready to have sex with a man in leather when Alissa Dean topless bursts into the room. Charlie has been pretending he was gay to please a client [...]
Alissa Dean topless in Californication S06E04
Maggie Grace nude diving is the highlight of this party. Hank, straight out of rehab, is chatting with a girl on a bench. They’re both inebriated and [...]
Maggie Grace nude diving in Californication S06E03
Stacey Scowley
Charlie is always up for anything sexy and when he hooks up with a past friend, he is not expecting to be facing Stacey Scowley topless as an amateur [...]
Stacey Scowley topless in amateur porn in Californication S06E07
Meghan Falcone
Hank and Charlie knock at the door of a nice villa in Miami and Meghan Falcone topless opens the door. Through the whole scene the actress is displaying [...]
Meghan Falcone topless in Californication S06E05
Zita Vass
In this funny scene from Californication Season 5, Hank tries to rescue Jenny Lin topless hooker as she is facing a very weird customer, shouting dirty [...]
Jenny Lin topless hooker in Californication S05E10
In this really funny and awkward scene, Callie Thorne naked goes out of the bathroom after having sex with screenwriter Hank to find her daughter (Addison [...]
Callie Thorne naked in Californication S04E08
Jenny Lin