Ana Ayora
Ana Ayora’s naked scene starts Banshee’s seventh episode of the final series. Her character is deeply bruised from an earlier altercation and [...]
Ana Ayora, nude in a steamy shower in Banshee S04E07
Eliza Dushku
Banshee’s ultimate season has been full of surprises, cliffhangers and violent scenes. We also had a few sexy scenes (less than expected), including [...]
Eliza Dushku drops the towel and shows her butt in Banshee S04E06
That scene is very similar to this one in Banshee S04E01. In both scene, Casey Labow’s character Maggie Bunker is having sex with her lover in their [...]
Casey LaBow, sex scene with her lover, in Banshee S04E03
Casey LaBow
Oh My God, They Killed Lilly! I won’t say more than this but this opening episode of Cinemax Banshee’s Season 4 has been quite painful. [...]
Casey LaBow, sex scene in Banshee S04E01
Lili Simmons
Leslea Fisher
Claire Bronson
Ivana Milicevic
Trieste Kelly Dunn