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Oksana Lada
Oksana Lada is an Ukrainian actress born in Ivano Frankivsk in 1976. After economic studies in her native country, she move to the U.S. and became a model [...]
Oksana Lada, topless with Tony Soprano in The Sopranos S01E06
Lizzy Caplan has been dominating the nude scene for a while thanks to Showtime’s Masters of Sex, even though the second season was a bit more prude [...]
Lizzy Caplan, ultra sexy on new leaked photos
When Lizzy Caplan was asked if at 32 she was thinking about having kids and starting a family she answered that she was in no hurry. She says she [...]
Lizzy Caplan, nude in bed in Masters of Sex S02E07
The film received a strong censorship on its release in 2000, due to numerous sex scenes involving naked Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes. The english [...]
Julianne Moore, naked love scene in the End of the Affair with Ralph Fiennes
It feels like a Masters of Sex Special Week on! Have you watched that season 2 finale? Amazing. This show is getting better and better. This [...]
Topless Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex S02E12 – season 2 finale
We are only one episode from the second season finale and there is so much tension between the two main characters portrayed by the sexy Lizzy Caplan and [...]
Lizzy Caplan, topless in Masters of Sex S02E11
Lizzy Caplan was spotted during the NY Fashion Week with a splendid cleavage. In that scene from Masters of Sex second season, she shows more than a [...]
Lizzy Caplan, topless and sexy in Masters of Sex S02E10