Saria & Lua Suicide, Minuet of Forest

October 15, 2017 - Suicide Girls
Saria & Lua Suicide, Minuet of Forest

Saria Suicide and Lua Suicide are ready to have an intimate moment. They strip each other down slowly, starting with their shirts. Saria is not wearing a bra and is now topless so she takes off Lua’s bra and reveals her big boobs. They make out a bit and Lua removes Saria’s skirt revealing her sexy panties. For the next phase they get completely nude and kiss each other. A bit later Saria holds Lua’s boobs, then lays her head on her breast. The camera moves around and reveals Saria’s ass and sex. They make out a bit more and lays together on a white sofa, naked from tip to toe.

actress : Lua Suicide, Saria Suicide.

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