Maggie Gyllenhaal topless in The Deuce S01E05

December 21, 2017 - Television
Maggie Gyllenhaal topless in The Deuce S01E05

Maggie Gyllenhaal topless once again in The Deuce S01E05 right after having sex. She is hanging around in bed with a man named Jack, smoking a fag, and is chitchatting with her boobs out. The guy wants to get closer to her and invites her to a cocktail murder party at his boss’ place but she suddenly freezes and hastily gets dressed. The guy thought that she would stay so he is asking her to take her time and maybe sleep together next time but she is to busy. She wants to make a name for herself and go from prostitution to porn.

actress : Maggie Gyllenhaal.
shows : The Deuce.

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