Lena Headey, sex scene in Zipper

December 7, 2015 - Film
Lena Headey, sex scene in Zipper

Last time we talked about Lena Headey, it was about the famous “Walk of Shame” scene in Games of Throne S05 finale. At the time people we discovered afterward that they had used a body double all along the scene and pasted Lena’s face on her body. Shame on them and Lena Headey proves with Zipper that her nude body makes a beautiful view. I guess the actress just did not feel like shooting all day naked in the streets in a middle of a raging crowd.

actress : Lena Headey.
films : Zipper.

One thought on “Lena Headey, sex scene in Zipper


The reason for the body double in Game of Thrones is that Headey was very pregnant at the time the scene was shot. They did something similar with Scarlet Johansson in Age of Ultron who was also very pregnant during most of the filming so they had to do tricks like this.


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