Isidora Goresther boobs exposed in Shameless S07E04

October 25, 2016 - Television
Isidora Goresther boobs exposed in Shameless S07E04

Once more, Isidora Goreshter boobs exposed in Shameless S07E04. It is very hot in Chicago and Kev and Svetlana are hanging out by the bar. She’s cleaning the alley with a hose and can’t resist the fresh water on her beautiful body. She goes up from her feet and her boobs appear when her top is completely wet. Kev gives a high five to his 12 years old self and so is every male in the audience. Isidora then squishes her boobs to let the water out and lights a cigarette. She then hangs out and talk to another character about how she’d rather be in a menage a trois enjoying threesome sex, childcare and a job, than being on her own.

actress : Isidora Goreshter.
shows : Shameless.

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