Sunday SG: Marinella, Suicide Girls in At First Sight

Marinella is a italian model working for the famous alternative community Suicide Girls since 2011. Marinella is 28 years old and is studying hard to finish university in Milan. She’s also a vegan and is smoking hot on that set from 2011.

Sunday SG: Gogo, Suicide Girls, in Summer Blues

Cristina Blackwater is an alternative model working for Suicide Girls under the alias Gogo Suicide. She also has a lot of modelling activities outside of the Suicide Girls community and sells her own photographs on her official website where you can find a lot of pictures and infos.

Sunday SG: Riae, Suicide Girls, in Beware the Bear

Riae Suicide is a pretty alternative model working for Suicide Girls since 2007. Riae lives in Italy where she has moved last summer to a new house to live with her partner and many pets. She works for Suicide Girls and other online publications, took part in a couple films and was on the cover […]

Sunday SG: AnnaLee, Suicide Girls, in a Parallel universe

AnnaLee is a beautiful redhead working as a model for Suicide Girls since 2004. She is from the Uk, lived in Italy for a while and is now based in Scotland. She is gorgeous and quite famous among the Suicide Girls. She dreams of a responsible world where everybody would a fair chance at life. […]

Sunday SG: Waikiki, Suicide Girls, in All of Me

Waikiki Suicide is a pretty model, born in 1975 and working for Suicide Girls since 2005. She lives between Italy and Holland and loves the alternative culture. Gigs, squats, around her friends with a Corona in her hand. She is into Punk Rock and Heavy Metal from Dead Kennedys to Iron Maiden. She is not […]

Sunday SG: AnnaLee & GoGo, Suicide Girls, in Le Loup et Loiseau

AnnaLee is a beautiful redhead model from the Uk. She is 29, is drug free and vegetarian. Gogo on the other side is a pretty brunette from Italy. She also goes by the name of Cristina Blackwater. They both have been modelling for Suicide Girls since 2004. Beautiful girls.

Elisa Sednaoui, model and actress, naked

Elisa Sednaoui is an actress and model born in 1987 between Italy, France and Egypt. She started as a model after her diploma in 2006 and moved to acting in 2009. Her most recent film is the upcoming Legend of Kaspar Hauser, with Vincent Gallo.