Lizzy Caplan

Now that the famous couple is back together we can expect to see Lizzy Caplan topless again a bit more. She’d been very cautious lately about not [...]
Lizzy Caplan topless scene in Masters of Sex S04E09
It’s been a while since the last Lizzy Caplan sex scene in Masters of Sex and just when you think it will never happen again and that the mythic [...]
Lizzy Caplan sex scene in Masters of Sex S04E08
Lizzy Caplan is an american actress born in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. She studied piano first before turning to drama. Her first part was a minor [...]
Lizzy Caplan
Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) is tormented between her current lover and her ex, with whom she shared so much. The body knows and they end up making love [...]
Lizzy Caplan, double love scene in Masters of Sex S03E09
Lizzy Caplan is still shining in Masters of Sex but the show is wildly criticised for some of the recent choices of the writers for the 3rd season. The [...]
Lizzy Caplan, quick topless scene in Masters of Sex S03E07
Lizzy Caplan has been dominating the nude scene for a while thanks to Showtime’s Masters of Sex, even though the second season was a bit more prude [...]
Lizzy Caplan, ultra sexy on new leaked photos
When Lizzy Caplan was asked if at 32 she was thinking about having kids and starting a family she answered that she was in no hurry. She says she [...]
Lizzy Caplan, nude in bed in Masters of Sex S02E07
It feels like a Masters of Sex Special Week on! Have you watched that season 2 finale? Amazing. This show is getting better and better. This [...]
Topless Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex S02E12 – season 2 finale
We are only one episode from the second season finale and there is so much tension between the two main characters portrayed by the sexy Lizzy Caplan and [...]
Lizzy Caplan, topless in Masters of Sex S02E11
Lizzy Caplan was spotted during the NY Fashion Week with a splendid cleavage. In that scene from Masters of Sex second season, she shows more than a [...]
Lizzy Caplan, topless and sexy in Masters of Sex S02E10
Lizzy Caplan almost got her first Emmy this year for best Lead Drama Actress but she lost eventually. This season is darker than the first one and goes [...]
Nude Lizzy Caplan strips down for her lover in Masters of Sex S02E03
Here it is, the new season of Masters of Sex! And as expected they offered us one sexy scene featuring Lizzy Caplan. It’s an intimate love scene, a [...]
Intimate love scene with Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex S02E01