Josephine Gillan

The old Maester is getting prepared for the Septon trial in his room. In the background we can see a beautiful lady, asking for her money. This is Marei [...]
Josephine Gillan, nude prostitute in Game of Thrones S06E10
Josephine Gillan is a british actress, famous for her part as Marei in Game of Thrones series. She’s been featured in every season since season 2, as [...]
Josephine Gillan
Josephine Gillan is a pretty actress, based in the Uk. Trained as a professional dancer and singer, she appears for the first time on television as a [...]
Josephine Gillan, naked sex scene in a brothel, Games of Thrones S05E04
During the shooting of series 3 of Game of Thrones the main female cast decided that they didn’t want nude scenes anymore. It was almost a trademark [...]
Xena Avramidis and Josephine Gillan, lesbian scene in Game of Thrones S04E03
Game of Thrones is finally back! It’s been a long winter for us too waiting for the premiere of season 4. But here it is and we’re quite happy [...]
Josephine Gillan and Kristen Gillepsie completely nude in Game of Thrones S04E01
They’re all pretty girls with starting careers, even though Kylie Harris had her first appearance in 2000. They play the whores of Game Of Thrones [...]
Game Of Thrones S03E03: Josephine Gillan, Pixie Le Knot and Kylie Harris, nude scene
Josephine Gillan and (pornstar) Sahara Knite aren’t together in that scene but I couldn’t separate them as everything’s linked. Sahara [...]
Game of Thrones S02E02: Josephine Gillan and Sahara Knite, topless scene
This is Josephine Gillan’s debut as Marei in Game of Thrones. A very sexy scene when she tries to fake her orgasm a better way.
Game of Thrones S02E01: Josephine Gillan, sex scene