Jessica Parker Kennedy

Black Sails’ season 3 hasn’t been as exciting as the previous ones so far, but it may change. And this scene helps already. We can see Nevena [...]
Nevena Jablanovic & Jessica Parker Kennedy, wild lesbian sex scene in Black Sails S03E08
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Jessica Parker Kennedy is a sexy actress from Canada, making her way to the top one step at a time. Seen in indie movies such as 50/50 she is now one of [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy, nipple slip in Black Sails S02E02
Jessica Parker Kennedy (as Max, in Black Sails), out of the bath, is drying her hair, completely nude looking at herself in a mirror when she feels [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy teases briefly with her nude body in Black Sails S01E08
One more sexy scene with the lovely Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max, the pirate’s island’s whore. After the previous night’s threesome, the [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy, nip slip in bed in Black Sails S02E04
This time Anne (beautiful redhead Clara Paget) and Max (curvy Jessica Parker Kennedy) strip naked in front of Anne’s man and show clearly that they [...]
Clara Paget and Jessica Parker Kennedy strip naked in Black Sails S02E03
This is the first sexy scene between Jessica Parker Kennedy (as Max) and Clara Paget (as Anne Bonny) and even though Anne Bonny doesn’t offer much to [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy and Clara Paget, lesbian love scene in Black Sails S02E03
Only the second episode of the season and already the best scene you could get. Jessica Parker Kennedy tries to bring her lover Hannah New back in her bed. [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy, full frontal, in Black Sails S01E02
Black Sails’ writers seem to have understood that the secret of Games of Thrones is the right mix between action, talking and sex. After the classic [...]
Jessica Parker Kennedy & Hannah New, lesbian love scene in Black Sails S01E01 HD
Black Sails started their first episode ever with a magnificent whorehouse scene with the main character being stripped down naked by a group of beautiful [...]
Lise Slabber and a bunch of unknown actresses nude in Black Sails S01E01