Emmy Rossum

For her first sex scene of season 7, Emmy Rossum hot as ever is having wild Tinder sex with a random bald muscular guy. The sexy brunette is completely [...]
Emmy Rossum hot sex scene in Shameless S07E05
Emmy Rossum nude scenes are a constant thing in Shameless and we thank them for that. The show wouldn’t be the same without seing the delicious Emmy [...]
Emmy Rossum, topless morning snuggle in Shameless S06E07
This 6th season of Shameless is already showing good. The situations are the worse, as usual, and tiny sex scenes are a relief in the midst of all this [...]
Emmy Rossum, topless sex scene in Shameless S06E02
Emmy Rossum lays in bed in Pyjamas. Her alarm clock rings, she wakes up and removes her t-shirt in front of the camera, revealing her breasts. She then [...]
Quick topless scene for Emmy Rossum in Shameless S06E01
Emmy Rossum
Shameless’ fifth season was quite a ride. The characters are slowly evolving and lot of things happened. For Fiona, portrayed by Emmy Rossum, [...]
Emmy Rossum, wild sex scene in Shameless S05E12 season Finale HD
Emmy Rossum has been shining for 5 years now in US version of the british trash sitcom Shameless and it’s always a pleasure to see her in the nude. [...]
Emmy Rossum nude from dusk till dawn in Shameless S05E06
Emmy Rossum is an american actress, famous for her role as Fiona Gallagher in Shameless, but also the Phantom of the Opera, Mystic River or the Day after [...]
Emmy Rossum gets oral sex from her lover in Shameless US S05E04
Emmy Rossum could be the next Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four franchise, replacing Jessica Alba. She is competing against Kate Mara and Margot Robbie and [...]
Emmy Rossum, sex scene in Shameless US S04E04
That’s a what I called a Shameless US season premiere! Emmy Rossum is an american actress born in 1986. She has starred in numerous films, including [...]
Emmy Rossum, sex scene in Shameless US S04E01
Once again Emmy Rossum is on the cover of Esquire. This time in Mexico in december 2013. These pictures are really sexy, maybe even sexier than the USA [...]
Emmy Rossum, Shameless, really sexy for Esquire Mexico, december 2013
Emmy Rossum is an american actress, born in New York in 1986. She will be the cover of next month’s USA Esquire with those really sexy photos. If you [...]
Emmy Rossum, Shameless, sexy topless for Esquire, january 2014