Carice Van Houten

At last! Game of Thrones is back! That first episode tells a lot of different stories and you’ll need a few minutes to be back in track (previously [...]
Carice Van Houten, completely naked in Game Of Thrones S06E01
Carice Van Houten
Carice Van Houten is a dutch actress with a nice career who is now mostly famous for being Melisandre in HBO’s Game of Thrones, the evil sorceress, [...]
Carice Van Houten goes topless for Jon Snow in Game of Thrones S05E04
Carice Van Houten was born in 1976 in the Netherlands. First part of her career took place in her native country on stage and on tv and films. Black Book [...]
Carice Van Houten, Game of Thrones, nude scenes in Zwartboek (black book)
Do you remember when at the end of the shooting of Season 3 the main female cast gathered and declared that they did not want anymore nude scenes in the [...]
Carice Van Houten, naked in Game of Thrones S04E07
Carice Van Houten is a hottie from netherlands. Born in 1976, she always wanted to become an actress. She was accepted as both main dutch schools of drama [...]
Game Of Thrones S03E08: Carice van Houten, full frontal in bed
Carice Van Houten started her career in Theater, then moved on to Television and bcame big with Walkyrie. She is also a musician and has made an album in [...]
Game Of Thrones S02E04: Carice Van Houten gives birth to… something
Carice Van Houten was born in 1976 in Leiderdorp, Netherlands. She leads a successful career almost from the beginning in Theatre and on TV. Black Book was [...]
Game of Thrones S02E02: Carice Van Houten, nude sex scene