Lizzy Caplan, nude in bed in Masters of Sex S02E07

When Lizzy Caplan was asked if at 32 she was thinking about having kids and starting a family she answered that she was in no hurry. She says she hasn’t really think about it for now and doesn’t see herself as a stay-at-home mum. She knows that when the time has come and she wants to have children she wants to be fully dedicated to the task but without sacrificing her own goals. Continue reading

Olivia Cheng fights completely naked in Marco Polo S01E02 HD

Olivia Cheng portrays Mei Lin, a concubine and assassin. She spend most of her time completely nude making love or killing people (sometimes at the same time). In that scene she gets rid of 3 guards with her bare hands. The poor lads, stunned by her nude body, can’t even fight back. Even though Marco Polo is not her first serie, it could be a big thing for Olivia Cheng. Continue reading

Sunday Suicide: Lavonne, Suicide Girls, in Cut


Marlo Lavonne is a 29 years old model from Alberta, Canada, working for Suicide Girls and others. She started working for Suicide Girls in 2004 and is still active on the website with new photosets. Marlo now lives in Vancouver and works as a self employed landscape photographer. In the set we present today, Lavonne gives the best haircut tutorial I’ve ever seen. What do you think? Continue reading

Amanda Peet, sexy and topless in Togetherness (2015)


Amanda Peet is an american actress born in New York in 1972. Amanda studied history first and acting on the side as a hobby. She then slowly drifted after university into modelling and finally decided to become an actress. She entered the world of television through a small role in Law & Order. It took her many years to make a name for herself and after many roles in small indie movies she started getting recognition. She hasn’t shown her full potential yet and is now one of the main cast in Togetherness, one of the new series of 2015 you’ll want to watch. And not only because Amanda Peet is topless in that scene. Continue reading

Jessica Parker Kennedy, full frontal, in Black Sails S01E02

Only the second episode of the season and already the best scene you could get. Jessica Parker Kennedy tries to bring her lover Hannah New back in her bed. She removes the blanket and shows her full naked body long enough for us to admire her perfect curves, boobs and bush. Really hot! Jessica Parker Kennedy is the revelation of Black Sails and a second season is planned already. Continue reading

Hannah New walks around, naked, in Black Sails S01E02

Hannah New is a british actress, born in London. Trained as a ballet dancer as a child she gained confidence on stage during various stage productions during her childhood. She studied languages English and Spanish and studied in Spain to be able to speak fluently. There she was spotted by a modelling agency and started working in commercials to pay for university. She then came back to England to study acting and managed to get a few roles along the way, before Maleficent in 2014 and Starz’s Black Sails. Continue reading

Shailene Woodley, topless scene in White Bird in a Blizzard


White Bird in a Blizzard is the first collaboration between Shailene Woodley and Gregg Araki. The director is famous for his teen sex scenes and for breaking any taboo you can think of. This time it’s not as shocking as it could have. It’s more like a Gone Girl situation where Sam(Shailene Woodley)’s mum, portrayed by Eva Green is missing and the film explores the relation between the mother and her daughter. This topless scene was a nice addition to the script though. Continue reading

Ileana Huxley walks around naked in Shameless S05E01

Ileana Huxley is an american actress from Salt Lake City, Utah. After a MBA in business she realised she wanted to be an actress and decided to take a leap of faith. She packed up her car and move to L.A. It took a while but after a few stage productions and featuring in short films she managed to get a few roles on television. She is now part of the recurring cast of Shameless as Nika, the prostitute. In her first scene of the season she hangs around topless in the Milkovitch house. Continue reading

Shanola Hampton, topless in lingerie, Shameless S05E01

Shameless Season 5, here we go! Glad to see all the characters back on screen in their filthy world. And to fire the new season we have 2 scenes with the curvy Shanola Hampton. In the first one she shows her boobies in sexy lingerie and tries to do a blowjob to her husband but he is too distracted and it upsets her. In the second scene she removes her top and bra and we can see her briefly topless. Continue reading

Sunday SG: MissFernandez, Suicide Girls, nude in Irezumi


Lauren Fernandez, aka Missfernandez, is a british alternative model working for Suicide Girls and others. She is a tattoo artist working at BJ’s Tattoo Studio in Southampton, Uk. Her back is completely covered in complex tattoos as you can see on these pictures. Lauren has been working for SG since 2013 but she has also been published in Uk magazines such as Front. Continue reading

Miley Cyrus, nude again on polaroids, for V Magazine


Miley Cyrus is more naked than ever this month with those new behind-the-scenes polaroids from the pop celeb “Bangerz Tour”, released in V Magazine. All the photos have been taken by Miley’s friend Cheyne Thomas and show the singer naked in a bathtub, or wearing lingerie showing her nipples or patsies. She also bare naked outside and we can see her butt, sex and tits. Winter just got a little bit warmer. Continue reading

Jessica Parker Kennedy & Hannah New, lesbian love scene in Black Sails S01E01 HD

Black Sails’ writers seem to have understood that the secret of Games of Thrones is the right mix between action, talking and sex. After the classic brothel scene, this first episode ends on a new lesbian love relationship between Eleanor Guthrie (British Hanna New) and Max (Canadian Jessica Parker Kennedy). This story is only starting and it’s alreay quite appealing. Continue reading