Victoria Justice, Victorious, appears topless on stolen sexy selfies


Victoria Justice is an american actress, born (almost) in the right place, in Hollywood, Florida. She is famous for her roles in Victorious, Zoey 101 and now for her leaked topless selfies as well. Victoria started her career at 7 in commercials and modelling and decided she wanted to become an actress. Continue reading

Sally Golan, sex scene in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E03

Sally Golan is a hot canadian actress as you can see in that scene from The Girl’s Guide to Depravity, Episode 3 of series 1, in which this steamy sex scene takes place, with Lizzie, topless, on top of her lover. That scene was so exctatic that most of the caps are a little blurry! Continue reading

Lizzy Caplan, topless and sexy in Masters of Sex S02E10

Lizzy Caplan was spotted during the NY Fashion Week with a splendid cleavage. In that scene from Masters of Sex second season, she shows more than a cleavage as Sex scientist Virginia Johnson as she puts off her bra and shows her breasts to arouse her colleague portrayed by Michael Sheen (who seems to have the best job in the world). Continue reading

Phoebe Cates, multiple sex scenes in Paradise 3/3

This is the last post on Paradise, the superb first big-screen film with Phoebe Cates, 80s teenage star. Things are getting serious between Phoebe Cates and her partner, they’re discovering love and are showing their body in full nude scenes with close-ups and cheesy score. Even though the actress has claimed (and the producer agreed) naked scenes had been shot after the end of shooting involving an unknown actress, Phoebe Cates can’t deny she is the one in at least the first 2 videos. Anyway she went on for a really nice career including Gremlins and Gremlins 2 and the film did not get the critical praise it was hoping for. It was described at the time as a knockoff of The Blue Lagoon (1980). Continue reading

Sunday SG – Katherine, Suicide Girls, in Milkshake Maid


Katherine Suicide is a british model working for Suicide Girls since 2011. She lives in London and can be found online under her (real?) name Rebecca Crow. She is also the singer of the alternative band Paper Skulls, based in London too. In that particular set, Katherine strips off in a lovely kitchen and we can see her completely naked, including breasts, butt and buns. Continue reading

Krista Ayne’s sexy first naked scene in Life On Top S01E01

Krista Ayne’s character in Life On Top is Maya, the sporty one. She is the main character Sophie’s (played by Mary LeGault) best friend and moved to New York City to follow her. She develops an interest for kickboxing, or kickboxers and trains a lot. Completely nude. Continue reading

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, nude on stolen sexy photos


This set proves that you can be classy even when you’re shooting nude photos in intimacy and not for the whole world to see. Mary Elizabeth Winstead surely have the prettiest pictures of all the recent massive leakage that happened after a hacker broke into several celebs Apple iCloud’s accounts. Fun fact: Mary Elizabeth Winstead has finished recently shooting a TV Movie called Exposed. Continue reading

Kate Upton completely nude on leaked photos


Not even a week after the first release of a bunch of leaked celeb photos, the whole web has gone wild. Reddit decided to close the subreddits linked to the Fappening, which is quite surprising considering the rest of the website. This is model Kate Upton, in intimacy and completely naked. She is usually portrayed wearing bathing suits for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit but this is better and there is no way she can deny being the lovely girl on the pictures. Continue reading

Phoebe Cates, naked underwater in Paradise 2/3

This is the second part of Phoebe Cates beautiful work exposed in her first appearance on screen in Paradise (1982). Apparently during production the main cast (Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames) decided the film did not need as many naked scene as described in the script. According to them, After the shooting, the producer went back to Canada and shot additional naked scenes using unidentified actors. The Producer Robert Lantos argued that it was up to him to decide that and not up to the cast and that in the end 99% of the naked shots were with the original cast. Consequently Phoebe Cates refused to promote the film. Continue reading

Nude Lizzy Caplan strips down for her lover in Masters of Sex S02E03

Lizzy Caplan almost got her first Emmy this year for best Lead Drama Actress but she lost eventually. This season is darker than the first one and goes deeeper into the drama. The main characters are playing make believe to keep on studying Sex in a Hotel Room and pretending they don’t really care. But they do as you can see in this scene when Lizzy Caplan strips down and reveal her full naked body, then touches herself, for science. Continue reading

Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey, encroached nude on leaked photos


Jessica Brown Findlay is a english actress famous for her role in Downton Abbey and Jamaica Inn. She was part of the massive now called Lawrence Cloud Leak, which happened at the end of august. The hacker released a few pictures on 4Chan and said he had a sexy video of Jennifer Lawrence if people were willing to pay for it. One week after he (or she) says he (or she) is disappointed about the amount of money received. Continue reading

Sunday SG: Arwen, Suicide Girls, Wrapped in Sun


Ashley Holat, better known as Arwen SG, is a 22 yo model from Seatlle, working for Suicide Girls since 2013. She also has a fashion tumblr blog: Arwen is a petite brunette with several tatoos and modified earlobes. Very sexy and very pretty. In that particular set she is removing her orange lingerie bra and pants and wraps herself in a cosy blanket revealing part of her body including her butt and breasts. Continue reading