Sunday SG: Tristyn, Suicide Girls, in Invincible


Tristyn is an american model working for alt girls website and community Suicide Girls. She’s a real geek and has an obsession for Iron Man. In that particular set she’s even wearing a Stark 2012 t-shirt at the beginning. You can find her online on Reddit and Instagram as Tristynrena. She owns a husky called Jolene and lives in Long Beach California. She was spotted recently cosplayed as Power Ranger Dark Red Phoenix at WonderCon. Continue reading

Kate Bosworth, topless sex scene in Big Sur

Kate Bosworth is an american actress born in 1983 in L.A., California. She was a champion equestrian and that was her winning ticket to become an actress when she got the part of Scarlett Johansson‘s best friend in Robert Redford’s the Horse Whiseperer at 14. After that she managed to maintain a normal life and scholarship alongside her acting work. Fun fact: Like David Bowie, Kate Bosworth’s eyes are 2 different colors: Brown and Blue. Continue reading

Enikő Mihalik, nude model, shot by Marton Perlaki and others


Enikő Mihalik is a hungarian model, born in 1987. She was spotted at 15 in a shopping mall and became a model after having been teased for years by her schoolmates about her thin shape. She won the Hungarian Elite Modder in 2002 and finished 4th on the world competition. She became an international model right away working for Chanel, Givenchy, Diane Von Fustenberg and Versace among others. In 2010 she was featured in Terry RIchardson’s Pirelli Calendar. Continue reading

Rebecca Blumhagen, first sex scene on screen in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E01

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity, named after the book and blog, is described by the show’s producer as a “Female buddy comedy”. It’s a good way to describe how Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen) and Lizzie (Sally Golan) set up rule to have fun in their relationships and avoid getting hurt. The show is also full of erotica sex scenes including the main cast. This scene here from the pilot shows how you can show nudity on screen and have fun. Continue reading

Rihanna is a hottie


Rihanna is the hottest girls on the planet right now, according to almost every “sexiest woman” list. And you can understand why easily. The barbadian hottie took her time to show her completely nude body but now that’s it’s public, she’s dressing sexier than ever. She made a (another) scandal at CFDA awards with a completely transparent sparkling dress designed by Adam Selman and featuring over 230,000 Swaroski crystals. Continue reading

Marine Vacth, sex scenes in Young & Beautiful


Marine Vacth is a young french actress, born in Paris in 1991. She started as a model, after being cast in a shop in Paris at 14 and moved on to acting the same way, without really asking for it but it happens anyway. She says nudity is a costume too, and we sure love that one. Marine spent most of this film (nominated at Cannes in 2013) naked as she portrays a young girl who decides to become a high-class prostitute for no apparent reason. She has been one of the new talents of 2013. Watch her closely. Continue reading

Emily Ratajkowski, nude again in new leaked photos


Emily Ratajkowski’s leaked photos are not that surprising. Emily is famous for her body, and as a model she often posed completely nude for photographs like Terry Ricardson. She is very sexy and knows how to play with her body. It kind of all started when she as featured in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, dancing topless. The video became viral and she became famous. Continue reading

Sunday SG: July, Suicide Girls, in Veloshop


July is an alternative model working for Suicide Girls since 2008. She is also a gorgeous redhead, living in LA with her boyfriend and her dog. She is also a lingerie enthusiast which you wouldn’t have guessed from the set we share today in which July Suicide is almost completely naked right from the start in the middle of a bike repair shop. Sexy! Continue reading

Ali Larter, topless and sexy, shot by Isabel Snyder


Ali Larter is a sexy american actress, born in New Jersey in 1976. She started her career as a model at age 13 and studied acting afterwards. Her first main role showed up at 21 for Chicago Sons and she became famouse with the infamous whipped cream bikini scene in Varsity Blues. She also appeared on Heroes and the Resident Evil franchise. Continue reading

Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory, nude and witty on new leaked pictures


Kaley Cuoco seems to be really funny on these photos. As a part of the main cast of The Big Bang Theory, her future is well organised. The show has been signed for at least 3 more seasons and Kaley earns an average million dollar per episode. 25 episodes by season, you do the math. The show has attracted more than 15 million viewers for the season 8’s Premiere. Continue reading

Alyssa Sutherland, naked outdoor in Vikings S01E09


Alyssa Sutherland is an australian actress, born in 1982 in Brisbane. She comes from the fashion world and was a model in Australia, starting at 15, then moved to New York and pursued an international career before starting acting. She now lives in L.A. and Vikings is her first main regular role. In that scene, Princess Aslaug, portrayed by Alyssa Sutherland, is bathing herself outside. She is completely naked in front of a waterfall and we can see her full body from the side including breasts and butt. At one point she realised she’s being observed and faces the camera. Continue reading

Paz Vega, talk to her, completely nude


Paz Vega is spanish actress born in Seville, Spain, in 1976. She started on television doing 6 years of Telecinco series 7 vidas. Her big break came in in 2001 when she received the Goya for Best New coming Actress for her role in Sex and Lucia. She won the Best Actress Goya the same year for Only Mine. She went international with Spanglish. She moved to LA in 2008. Continue reading