Lisa Pawson, sex scene in Forbidden Science S01E02


Lisa Pawson is not exactly a famous actress. She has never been credited for anything but Forbidden Science. Forbidden Science is a canadian serie blending noir, scifi and erotica. The stories are based on the idea that in a near future we could be able to create androids and impregnate them with the memories of dead people. In the end it’s all about sex and pleasure. Continue reading

Carol Seleme, sexy brazilian model


Carol Seleme is an brazilian atomic bomb. She moved to L.A. at 18 and has been making her career modelling, entertaining, and acting in various music videos for Rick Ross or Pitbull. She has an amazing butt body but she also finished her bachelors in Fine Arts and is into painting and photography. She considers modeling as an extra income but wants to make her life as an artist. Continue reading

Penelope Cruz, naked in Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos)


Penelope Cruz is a very famous spanish actress born in 1974. She started as a classically trained ballet dancer and then moved to acting at 15. Her career include a lot of nude scenes in the early movies, many of theme directed by Pedro Almodovar. This one is from Pedro Almodovar too from 2009 and is called Los abrazos rotos. Continue reading

Michelle Trachtenberg, topless in Eurotrip deleted scene

Michelle Trachtenberg is an american actress born in 1985 in Brooklyn, NY. She started acting in commercials at 3 and landed her first regular role at 10 in The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Now that scene from Eurotrip is a bit weird. It is described as a deleted scene online but if you watch both videos you’ll see that it looks like a very well executed fake. That second screenshot though. Continue reading

Sunday SG: Radeo, Suicide Girls, in Rusty


Radeo is an alternative model for Suicide Girls, since 2008. And she is right now traveling. She started with south america, then Easter Island, then Iceland and she is now going south in Europe and Italy. Lucky girl! She is a very social animal, you can follow her on Instagram, twitter, facebook. Continue reading

Nicole Arbour, topless scene in Silent but deadly

Nicole Arbour is a canadian actress, but she is multi-talented. She is also part of Mensa international, the high QI Society. She started as a dancer, then choreographer, modeled a while, then turned into music, and acting, and producing. She has no limits! She won several awards as Comic of the Year, Woman of Inspiration, Choregraphy and was nominated Hottest Geek of 2009. Continue reading

Taylor Schilling’s lip service in Orange is the New Black S02E10

Prior to shooting the second series Taylor Shilling visited a couple of women’s prison at Rikers Island in New York to meet women and talk about their life and their feelings in prison. According to her she was moved to tears and what stunned her the most was the amount of women in her early twenties who had children outside. “They were overwrought about what was happening to their kids.” After that experience she made a vow to portray them as accurate as possible. Continue reading

Intimate love scene with Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex S02E01

Here it is, the new season of Masters of Sex! And as expected they offered us one sexy scene featuring Lizzy Caplan. It’s an intimate love scene, a bit in the shade. Michael Sheen (Libby Masters) makes love to Lizzy Caplan (Virginia Johnson). I won’t say anything else to avoid spoilers. Continue reading

Lizzy Caplan, masturbation scene in Masters of Sex S01E09

Lizzy Caplan has gone a long way since her role in Mean Girls. After that she was seen on TV in True Blood, Party Down and in films like Save the Date, Bachelorette or Cloverfield (her first topless scene?). She is now shining in Master of Sex in the leading role as real-life sex scientist pioneer Virginia Johnson. Continue reading

Cora Keegan, sexy topless model


Cora Keegan is a pretty american blonde model with a sexy hippie vibe. A few numbers:
Height : 5’9.5″ / 177cm
Bust : 32″ / 81cm
Waist : 24″ / 61cm
Hips : 34″ / 86cm Continue reading

Meg Barrick, sex scene in the Girls’ Guide to Depravity S02E02

Meg Barrick is an american actress from West Virginia. She moved to New York after high school to be a model and realised she wanted to be an actress during acting auditions. She then studied acting in West Village for a couple of years then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting studies and get more auditions. Continue reading

Sunday SG: Flux, Suicide Girls, in Tudor Tryst


Flux is a very sexy model working for number 1 alternative community Suicide Girls. Or should we say was? It seemed that flux hanged back her glamour modeling career, at least on Suicide Girls. Her most recent blog post is from july 2012. And before that december 2011. That’s a long time in internet years. Luckily for us, we still have all these lovely pictures of the past to stare at. Continue reading