Xena Avramidis and Josephine Gillan, lesbian scene in Game of Thrones S04E03

During the shooting of series 3 of Game of Thrones the main female cast decided that they didn’t want nude scenes anymore. It was almost a trademark of the show and was quite a rash decision. Luckily for us King’s Landing’s brothel is still there in series 4. Josephine Gillan is back in the nude, with a new character, portrayed by Xena Avramidis, a 20 years old greek actress and model living in Wales. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience in acting but she is perfect on screen. Fun fact her model’s page at modelmayhem states that she is not into nude, at all. Continue reading

Yoko Maki, sexy and nude


Yoko Maki is a japanese actress born in Chiba in 1982. She started acting at 19 with the fim Drug. She started to get more feedback with The Princess Blade, the remake of Lady Snowblood in 2001. She got her big international break in 2004 in the american remake of The Grudge. Yoko Maki is also a stage actress. Continue reading

Amy Smart, upskirt in Crank: High Voltage’s crazy sex scene


Amy Smart is your typical californian blonde actress. Born in 1976 in Topanga Canyon, CA. She made her feature debut alongside Keanu Reeves in 1997. That very same year she had a brief role in Starship Troopers. After that she went independant for a while and found success in 1999 with Varsity Blues. That scene in Crank: High Voltage is completely crazy. I recommend you watch the whole thing. Continue reading

Nicky Whelan, sexy photo shoot on the beach


Nicky Whelan is an australian model and actress born in 1981. She started her career in the australian TV soap Neighbours, then got a role in Scrubs in 2001 and moved on to Film, her latest success being Hall Pass in 2011. That photo shoot is really hot, her transparent swimsuit shows everything.
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Sunday SG: Lanei, Suicide Girls – Farewell Polaroid


Lanei Badhabit is a 23 years old american model, working for Suicide Girls and Zivity! She started modeling in 2008 and hasn’t stop since. She’s from Las Vegas, Nevada but would love to travel more to shoot all around the globe. She’s also saying that she’s been shots in tons of different places from luxurious lofts to destroyed buildings, old coal mines and dried lakes. Continue reading

Taylor Schilling, nude in the shower, Orange Is The New Black S01E13

Taylor Schilling is an american actress, born in Boston in 1984. She started her career in 2007 and has been seen on tv in Mercy and of course Orange Is The New Black, as Piper Chapman, sentenced to fifteen months of jail for a 10 years old crime as a drug mule for her then girlfriend. Continue reading

Joanne Laderson’s boobs and butt in Forbidden Science S01E13


Joanne Laderson’s last sexy scene in the season finale of Forbidden Science in 2009. It seems that she hasn’t shoot anything since.
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Isidora Goreshter, topless with a strap-on dildo in Shameless S04E12

Isidora Goresther is an american actress, born in Long Beach California. She was trained as a ballet dancer as a child and then studied theater at Long Beach State. She was a stage actress for a while, then turned to film and television. Her most famous roles include Paranoia and Inception, as well as russian wife/prostitute Svetlana in Shameless US.
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Josephine Gillan and Kristen Gillepsie completely nude in Game of Thrones S04E01

Game of Thrones is finally back! It’s been a long winter for us too waiting for the premiere of season 4. But here it is and we’re quite happy to see all those characters back for new intrigues (even the one we don’t really remember). LittleFinger’s brothel is always a nice place to see beautiful naked ladies such as Kristen Gillespie (first appearance on the show) and the ultra-flexible Josephine Gillan. Continue reading

Ivana Milicevic, sex scene in Banshee S01E07

Ivana Milicevic has been nominated in the Best Full-frontal Category at the Mr Skin Awards this year for her work in the Series Banshee. It says a lot about what you’re going to see. Unfortunately she lost to Rosario Dawson in Trance. The Series Banshee was also nominated in the TV Show Category and lost to Game of Thrones. You have to admit they did put a lot of effort. Lili Simmons was also nominated as nudecomer of the year for Banshee, but lost to Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street. Continue reading

Amber Heard, naked hot scene in The Informers (gif set)


Amber Heard is a sexy american actress, born in 1986 in Texas. Former model turned actress. She started on Television and got her first big hit with Hidden Palms in 2004. She then moved on for films like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, her first main role. She has been very prolific since that time, doing several films and tv shows every year. Continue reading

Sunday SG: Flux, Suicide Girls, in It’s cold outside


Flux Suicide is a 28 years old model, working with Suicide Girls. She is from North Carolina, USA. She is really adorable and seems a very funny girl in her sets and videos. It seems that she’s not working for Suicide Girls anymore. What a pity! Continue reading