Mia Presley spreads her leg wide open in Life On Top S01E02

Mia Presley is an american erotica actress, born in 1982 in L.A. under the name Nicole Marie Yates. She played in several shorts, videos and a few TV Series (Life on Top, Co-Ed Confidential) between 2007 and 2011. She is now a producer and works for a company called Apt9Productions. She has a twitter account, although it seems to be used mainly to describe daily horoscope predictions (for Capricornes). Continue reading

Sexy Kate Moss in Black and White


Kate Moss is a lovely model born in London in 1974. She made most of her career in the 1990s on the runway as a top model. She is also famous for partying hard with alcohol and drugs at the time. She has worked with the most famous designers and has been more than 30 times on the cover of Vogue Uk only. She has been shot by the most well-known fashion photographers and was described as a muse for many. She was in 1990 the anti-model because of her petite body in comparison to what was the trend at the time (cindy crawford, Naomi Campbell, etc.). Continue reading

Laura Prepon, topless with Jo Newman in Lay the Favorite

Laura Prepon is a gorgeous american actress who received attention in that 70s Show and is now part of the main cast of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, in which she portrays Alex Vause, the girlfriend of the main character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Shilling. Their relation is on and off along the show and Laura Prepon has stated that even though it is really fun to watch because you never know who is leading in their love relationship she wouldn’t want to be involved in that kind of love story. Continue reading

Sunday Suicide: Felina, Suicide Girls, in Yes I want to


Felina Suicide is a 24 years old alternative model, working for Suicide Girls and others since 2011. She currently lives in Argentina and just moved in with her boyfriend. She is a very sexy latina and named her last photoset “The white blind light” after Jim Morrison’s song. Continue reading

Erin Cummings, topless in Masters of Sex S02E09

Erin Cummings is an american actress born in 1977 in Louisiana. She traveled a lot as a child to follow a military father and started her career on stage. She studied Shakespeare in London and then moved on to television with Spartacus, then Mad Men, Dollhouse and now Masters of Sex. Her body and her style are perfect for the series set in the 50s. She has a beautiful body as you can see. Continue reading

Alyse Zwick, nude in bed with a wrestler in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity S01E05

Alyse Zwick’s role in The Girl’s Guide to Depravity did not last long but you could not miss it. Alyse was elected miss New York in 2009 and took part in the competition for Miss America (as seen in Miss America, the documentary from 2010). She gratuated in Theatre in Ohio and in Communication and culture in New York. Continue reading

Heather Vandeven mixes sex and food in Life On Top S01E05

Here is one more sexy scene involving Heather Vandeven and her lover, playing with food and making love. Heather Vandeven is your typical erotica actress from the 90s with gigantic fake breasts. We’re wondering though how sexy that is in 2014. It seems that the whole genre has kind of given up on the big big breasts. But then online you can find anything you want. What’s your position on silicon boobs? Feel free to post any comment on the subject. Continue reading

Lisa Younger and Joy Amber’s nude lesbian scene in Barely Legal

Barely Legal is a sexy comedy, shot in 2011 by Jose Montesinos. 3 best friends, Sue (Melissa Johnston), Cheryl (Jeneta St. Clair) and Lexie (Lisa Younger) usually spend their birhtday together as they were born on the same day. This year, they’re 18 so set up to lose their virginity together… Continue reading

Sexy Debbie Harry, Blondie, naked for different photographers


Debbie Harry is an american actress, model, singer, composer, icon of the 80s. Famous for her band Blondie, created in 1974, whose biggest hits include Hanging on the Telephone or I know but I don’t know, Debbie Hary is also a talented and sexy actress, from Videodrome to Scarface, she has more than 30 film and tv features in her resume. She is an icon of the 80s New York Downtown Scene. Continue reading

Superstar Madonna, exposed, in Sex, by Steven Meisel (1992)


In 1992, Madonna tought she could be sexyer than ever and made an erotica book, shot by photographer Steven Meisel, helped by Fabien Baron. The book tells the story of a character called “Mistress Dita”, inspired by 30s actress Dita Parlo and features several nude shots and sex simulation pictures. Guest stars includes Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rosselini. The book was released at the same time as Madonna’s 5th album Erotica, received poor critics at the same time and became over the years a cult object. Continue reading

Sunday SG: Aisline, Suicide Girls, in Serenity


Aisline Suicide is a beautiful model from Canada, working for Suicide Girls since 2008. She is also a music journalist, does gig photos and band interviews in the Montreal area. She is also a big Cheesecake fan. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian shot in full frontal nudity by Jean-Paul Goude for Paper Magazine


Kim Kardashian is an american reality tv celebrity. Born in 1980 in L.A. she raised to fame with her leaked sex tape with Ray J in 2007, after which she was offered her reality television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. For Paper Magazine she decided to go completely naked (once again) and offered Jean-Paul Goude a full frontal nudity. (read more here) Continue reading